Sustainable Energy Storage Technologies: From Materials to Devices (10/01/24)

Speaker and Affliation:

Prof. Deepak Dubal
Queensland University of Technology, Australia.


10th January, 2024 (Tuesday), 04.00 PM (India Standard Time)


KPA Auditorium, Dept. of Materials Engineering, IISc, Bangalore


The global energy demand is increasing and finding new sustainable energy alternatives to fossil fuels is now critically important. Our research is emphasized on exploring new materials and new mechanisms to develop safe, lightweight, and performance-efficient energy storage technologies for range of applications from milliwatt-scale wearable devices to kilo/megawatt-scale electric & space vehicles. We actively design and engineer advanced materials with a strong focus on structural control at the nano/microscale and the meso-nanoscale. This work forms the basis for the development of complex nano-architectures conceived and optimized for the applications in Supercapacitors, rechargeable Li-batteries, post LIBs (Na/K and Al) and hybrid devices.


Prof. Deepak P. Dubal is a Professor at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia, renowned for his outstanding contributions to clean energy conversion and storage systems, including supercapacitors, batteries, and triboelectric/piezoelectric nanogenerators. His remarkable career and numerous accolades showcase his dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering sustainability. Prof. Dubal has received prestigious fellowships, including the Brain Korea-21 Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Marie Curie Fellowship, and the Vice-Chancellor Fellowship at the University of Adelaide (UoA) in Australia (2017). In 2018, he was awarded an exceptionally competitive ARC - Future Fellowship, a significant milestone leading to his transition to QUT. Prof. Dubal’s extensive research has resulted in over 300 peer-reviewed journal articles, with over 20,000 citations, showcasing his international recognition. He is listed among the World’s Top 2% of Scientists by Stanford University and the top 100 materials scientists in Australia. Currently serving as the editor of Nature Scientific Reports and Associate Editor of “Battery Energy” (Wiley Publication) and “Batteries & Supercaps” (Wiley Publications), Prof. Dubal’s team is extending their research into areas such as radiant heaters, biomass valorization, and battery recycling, aligning with the principles of the circular economy and sustainable practices.