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Wellness Committee

Purpose of the committee

Through events, education, and access to campus resources and activities, the Wellness Committee seeks to establish a culture and atmosphere that upholds and encourages the importance of health and wellness. On the department campus, the Committee will support, promote, and carry out wellness initiatives. The Committee will also offer courses, equipment, and other materials to help staff members take responsibility for their own health and well-being. The Eight Dimensions of Wellness paradigm, which encompasses mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, social, and environmental wellness, will serve as the foundation for committee programming and events. These seven dimensions all function and interact in ways that enhance our individual quality of life.

Wellness committee members
Suryasarathi Bose (
Surendra Kumar M (
Pikee Priya (
Astik Kumar (
Ashish Omar (
Sudeepta Mukherjee (
Soumya Mishra (
Shibam Karmakar (
Akshay Sunil Salvi (

Consulting Psychiatrists:

Consulting Psychologists:

Psychiatric Social Workers (Wellness Coordinators):

(contact any of them directly in case of emergency)

24×7 helpline for mental health emergencies (080-4711-3444)

Contact information for booking appointments with Psychiatrists and Psychologists at the Wellness Centre (080-2293-3627)

Safety Committee

Praveen C. Ramamurthy (
Chandan Srivastava (
R.J. Deshpande (
Click here to view the complete list of safety coordinators.

Covid Committee

Praveen C. Ramamurthy (
Suryasarathi Bose (
Praveen Kumar (
Venkatalakshmi (

Department Curriculum Committee

Rajeev Ranjan (
Kaushik Chatterjee (
Praveen Kumar (
Chandan Srivastava (

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