Departmental History

The Department of Materials Engineering (formerly known as the Department of Metallurgy) was established in the year 1945 and is dedicated to the advancement of education and research in metallurgy and materials engineering. It had initiated teaching programs at the bachelor’s degree level and master’s degree level in 1947 and 1964 respectively. The first ever research conferment in metallurgy in India, A.I.I.Sc., was made in 1951. The first doctoral degree was awarded in 1971 and the first D.Sc. degree was awarded in 1992.

The Silver Jubilee of the Department was celebrated in 1972 with twin International Symposia on “Defect Interactions in Solids” and “Industrial Metallurgy”. During 1997, the Golden Jubilee of the Department was marked by an International Symposium on “Recent Advances in Metallurgical Processes”. The Diamond Jubilee of the Department was celebrated during 2006-2007.

Historical Milestones:

2021-22 Platinum Jubilee
2008 Networking Resource Centre for Materials
2006-07 Diamond Jubilee Year. Department is re-named as Materials Engineering
1996-97 Golden Jubilee
1992 D.Sc Award
1990 UGC-CAS
1987 M.E(I) Programme
1983 UGC-SAP
1972 Silver Jubilee
1971 Ph.Ds conferred
1964 M.E. Programme
1957 B.E. Programme
1951 A.I.I.Sc. conferred
1947 D.I.I.Sc. Programme
1945 Established
1915 Conception