Oxygen Concentrator developed at Indian Institute of Science

An indigenous Oxygen Concentrator was designed and developed in the Indian Institute of Science by a team led by Prof. Praveen Ramamurthy. This prototype delivers more than 95% oxygen at 1 liter per minute and reaches this higher limit within 3 minutes of the start of the system. At 5 lpm, greater than 93±3% and at 10 lpm 85 % oxygen is generated. The stability of the system was monitored by continuous operation for more than 8 months.

Clinical trail is complete with a report concluding that this system is as good as compressed oxygen cylinders. Up to now technology transfer is complete to 18 companies and few more in the pipeline.


  • Indigenously developed oxygen concentrator
    • Upto 6 lpm 93±3 % O2 concentration
    • Upto 10 lpm > 85 % O2 concentration
  • Continues operation 24/7
  • Clinical trial completed at BMCRI
  • TUV/UL certification process is yet to start
  • 83 companies have expressed interest
  • 27 have signed NDA
  • 18 have already signed licensing agreement

Licensee list

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