Organic NanoElectronics Group
Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Welcome to ONE group
Our group focuses on interdisciplinary research works  on broad horizons of organic/polymer based  devices, ranging from synthesis of  High performance materials i.e. conducting polymers,  nanocomposites and nanostructured materials and studying  there fundamental properties for application in OPVs, OFETs, Sensors and Actuators.
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Synthesis : Design, synthesis, and characterization of band gap engineeried molecules fororganic electronics application like photovoltaics, field effect transistors, sensors and EMI applications.

Organic device architecturing : Electrospinning of conducting polymers for light management. Study of structure property relationships, charge transport properties of the new electroactive polymers, devices, and electrode semiconductor interface.

Device packaging : Design and synthesis of ultra-low permeable monolithic encapsulations and method to measure the same. Development of gas permeability measurement unit.

Sensors : Design, synthesis and fabrication of molecules for sensors to detect  VOCs, heavy metal ions, nitrate and bio-sensors.