The department, over the course of its rich and diverse history, is proud to have had wonderful faculty, students, and staff who have reached great heights in their respective disciplines. While this page lists a small collection of notable alumni and faculty who have been part of the department, links to entire list(s) of students who have graduated from the various programs conducted by the department are provided below.

Notable alumni

Alumni Graduating program Known for
Name Ph. D./M. Tech. /M. S. CEO of company; Prof. in university; etc.

Faculty alumni

Faculty Years of service Research areas
Image and/or Name of faculty E.g., 1960-2000 Iron and steel

Staff alumni

Staff Years of service

Student alumni

List of all students who have graduated from the various programs of the department are archived here. Links to specific decades of alumni are given below for each program.

Ph. D.

M. Tech.

M. Sc. (Engg.)

A. I. I. Sc.

M. E. (Intergrated)

M. E. (Manufacturing Engineering)

B. E.

D. I. I. Sc.