Fundamentals of Hydrogen Embrittlement in High Strength Steel – Emphasis on Fasteners (22/04/22)

Speaker and Affliation:

Salim Brahimi
President & Principal Engineer, IBECA Technologies Corp.
Adjunct Professor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada


Salim Brahimi is President and Principal Engineer at IBECA Technologies Corp. He is also Technical Director at the Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI), and Adjunct Professor at McGill University and co-director of the McGill Hydrogen Embrittlement Facility (MHEF). He is a licensed member of the Quebec Order of Professional Engineers. He has accumulated over 32 years of experience that have made him into a complete fastener and bolting professional. He holds a PhD in materials engineering and a graduate diploma in management from McGill University in Montreal. Dr. Brahimi serves as chair of ASTM Committee F07 on Aerospace and Aircraft, vice chair and past chair of ASTM Committee F16 on Fasteners, as head of delegation for Canada to ISO Committee TC2 on Fasteners, as chair of the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC), and member of ASME Committee B18 and the SAE Fastener Committee.


22nd April, 2022 (Friday), 06:30 PM (India Standard Time)


Microsoft Teams Meet-up


Hydrogen Embrittlement (HE) failures are sudden, costly, and catastrophic. Yet, HE is easily preventable. Education and PREVENTION are far less expensive than dealing with an HE failure. The webinar is designed to present the latest knowledge related to hydrogen embrittlement, translated into concepts that are easy to understand and to provide concrete guidance on how to apply mitigation steps with high strength fasteners. The following topics will be discussed:

  • General description of hydrogen embrittlement
  • Hydrogen damage mechanism
  • Fracture morphology
  • Root cause and triggers for hydrogen embrittlement failure
  • Material susceptibility
  • Case-hardened fasteners
  • Stress relief prior to electroplating
  • Baking
  • Thread rolled after heat treatment
  • Hydrogen embrittlement test methods