Green synthesis of a novel porous gold-curcumin nanocomposite for super-efficient alcohol oxidation (21/06/22)

Speaker and Affliation:

Sai Prasad Nayak
Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning


21st June, 2022 (Tuesday), 04:00 PM (India Standard Time)


Department of Materials Engineering, KPA auditorium


Engineering nanomaterials for non-invasive electrochemical detection of dopamine (DA) in biological samples has been daunting. We report a novel gold-curcumin (Au-CM) nanocomposite as an electrochemical sensor for real-time ultra-selective detection of DA in urine samples. Gold nanoparticles (~2-3 nm) encased in porous curcumin (CM) network on the surface of a glassy carbon electrode were synthesized via a galvanostatic method and used as the electrochemical sensor. The modified electrode exhibited excellent sensitivity and selectivity toward DA sensing with a record-low limit of detection (LOD) of 3 pM. Furthermore, a wide range of detection 1 pM – 400 M (R2=0.99) was achieved at pH 6. DA detection was successfully performed in pharmaceutical formulations and urine samples without spiking and any pre-treatment procedures, overcoming the complexity of biofluids with results comparable to the clinical values.