Structure-Property Relationship in Gas Turbine Blades (10/03/23)

Speaker & Affiliation:

​Dr Raj Naik
Technical director
Alcoa Investment Cast and Forged products, USA

When ?

10th March, 2023 (Friday), 4.00 pm (IST)


KPA Auditorium, Department of Materials Engineering


Gas turbine is one of the greatest engineering inventions that followed the introduction of steam engines. It is an engineering marvel and today helps to fly anywhere in the world as well provide power to numerous industries. It is a complex machine that requires extreme control of structure and property of components to operate safely and efficiently. Developing countries like China and India are unable to produce jet engines and gas turbines that can produce most efficient and effective power. The talk is about why structure and property control of turbine blades are so important and the difficulties associated in manufacturing.


Gas Turbine:
Principle of operation

Requirements of Turbine Blades:
High temperature properties

Manufacturing Process:
Casting process, including directional solidification

Control of Grain Structure
Single crystal – One grain
Polycrystal – Directionally oriented grains
Equiax – Randomly oriented grains