“Characterization of material microstructure for modeling of formability and fracture of automotive aluminum sheet (25/11/21)”

Speaker and Affliation:

Prof. Mukesh Jain
Dr. Satish Dhawan visiting chair,
Department of Materials Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
McMaster University, Canada


25th November, 2021 (Thursday), 03:30 PM (India Standard Time)


Lecture Theatre, Materials Engineering.


Microstructures of materials are known to play a significant role in determining the effective properties of materials as well as their elasto-plastic response in terms of the ability to deform plastically to large strains without the onset of plastic instability and fracture. This has significance in terms of better understanding of material behavior of existing commercial alloys leading to their microstructure optimization as well as development of new alloys. Much experimental effort is being made towards developing techniques that are newer, faster, more accurate, and involve larger material volumes at smaller scales of precipitates and other constituent particles in the matrix. Additional effort is being made towards creating virtual microstructures that can efficiently and closely resemble real microstructures using statistical methods and stereological relationships. Lastly, microstructure-based finite element methodologies are being advanced to study large plastic deformation behavior of structural metallic materials for automotive forming applications. The talk would briefly review the smaller-scale particle characterization effort for structural metallic materials in the literature and then focus on the effort being made at McMaster towards (i) particle characterization of two different automotive aluminum sheet materials by statistical and FIB/SEM based experimental methods, and (ii) incorporation of particles microstructure into finite element models for studying their role in governing plastic flow, damage development, and fracture.