Decarburization Kinetics of Liquid Fe-C Droplets in Oxidizing Slag” and Extraction of Co and Li from spent LIBs scrap by sulfation roasting (02/11/22)

Speaker and Affliation:

Dr. Jayasree Biswas
Aalto University, School of Chemical & Metallurgical Engineering
Kemistintie 1, 02150 Espoo

About Speaker

Dr. Biswas is a pyrometallurgist working with both ferrous and nonferrous systems. She is currently a post-doctoral researcher at Aalto University (Finland), working in the area of battery recycling. Previously, She completed my PhD from McMaster University (Canada), worked on slag/metal reaction kinetics in oxygen steelmaking process. She had also experienced on application of machine learning in process data while working at TRDDC for 2.5 years. She did my masters (M.Tech.) from IIT Bombay and bachelors (B.E.) from Jadavpur University.


2nd November, 2022 (Wednesday), 03:30 PM (India Standard Time)


Microsoft Teams Meet-up


‘Bloating’ i.e. swelling of droplets is an important phenomenon in oxygen steelmaking process which determines the overall process efficiency by influencing the kinetics of refining. This phenomenon is controlled mainly by decarburization reaction kinetics. In this work, a mathematical model for decarburization of a droplet was developed incorporating all kinetic steps. This model demonstrated remarkably well performance with variation of experimental parameters and specifically with conditions similar to oxygen steelmaking. Another finding from this work was development of a novel kinetic model to incorporate slag electrical conductivity effect into analysis which is generally ignored by process metallurgist for decades despite knowing the nature of the system. Battery Recycling Extraction of cobalt from secondary resources has become crucial as it has been identified as strategically important and a critical raw material due to the high risks of supply chain disruptions. In this work, selective sulfation roasting followed by water leaching was investigated as a potential recycling strategy to extract cobalt and lithium from industrial LCO-rich black mass. Specifically, the effect of graphite on metals extraction was studied. A selective extraction efficiency of 99.5% Li and 60% Co by was obtained by this route.