Workshop and Hackathon on the Challenges and Opportunities for Volumetric Muscle Loss (12/08/23)

Speaker and Affliation:

Dr. Darren Player,
UCL Faculty and current Hubert I Aaronson Visiting Scientist in Materials Engineering


12th August, 2023 (Saturday), 02:00 PM (India Standard Time)


BSSE Annexe Classroom (Old Biochem Building)

About workshop

Registration is free but is mandatory to attend the event. Please email with a cc to and if you want to register and attend.

The focus of the workshop will be on presenting the clinical challenges around Volumetric Muscle Loss (VML), alongside the biological and engineering requirements for successful outcomes.

VML is a condition characterised by the significant loss of muscle mass and function, which can manifest following traumatic injury. Current treatment options include grafting, bracing and prostheses, which all have inherent problems and leave the patient with a debilitating long-term condition. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine hold much promise in this area, but advances in these disciplines are yet to overcome issues around scalability and functionality.

Following the workshop, Dr. Player will set two key challenge and priority areas. In the style of a ‘hackathon’ students will then have up to two hours to formulate proposals as to how these challenges could be overcome, using leading-edge technologies and approaches. Teams will be formed of 4-5 students, with interactions encouraged across different discipline areas. Groups will have the opportunity to present their potential solution, where Dr. Player will provide feedback and discuss options for the realisation of these ideas.