Prosenjit Das

Assistant Professor

Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore-560012, INDIA

Tel: +91-80-2293 3776


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 2013-16
    Thesis: Rheoprocessing of Aluminium alloys using cooling slope technique
  • M.Tech., Industrial Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India, 2008-10
    Thesis: Mechanical properties and Fracture studies on Ultra Fine Grained 7075 Al alloy under different loads
  • B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, WBUT (Institute: Kalyani Govt. Engineering College), Kalyani, India, 2004-08
    Thesis:A Study on Machinability of P/M Iron and MMC(Al + 20% SiC)


  • Assistant Professor; Materials Engineering Department, IISc Bangalore, India; June 2022 – Present.
  • Principal Scientist; CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur, India, Aug' 2018- May' 2022.
  • Senior Scientist; CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur, India, Aug' 2014- Aug' 2018.
  • Scientist; CSIR-Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur, India, Aug' 2010- Aug'2014.
  • Assistant Professor (Honorary); Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (CMERI campus), India, Jan' 2019- July' 2021.
  • Associate Professor (Honorary), Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (CMERI campus), India, Aug' 2021- May' 2022.


Ongoing projects

  1. Design, analysis and development of Rheo gravity die cast Al-15Mg2Si-4.5Si composite brake disc for automobile application (Funded by SERB-TETRA) (March’ 2022 to March’ 2024) (Role: PI)
  2. Design and Development of Tooth colored Ceramic Dental Braces set by Micro-Ceramic Injection Moulding (Funded by DST-Science andSociety division under “SYST” scheme) (Feb’ 2020to Feb’ 2023) (Role:PI)
  3. Design, analysis and development of Rheo gravity die cast Al-15Mg2Si-4.5Si composite based light weight Bucket links for Mining Excavators (Funded by Ministry of Mines) (Aug’ 2021 to Aug’ 2023) (Role: PI)
  4. Setting up of “Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Processing” laboratory at Dept. of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore (Funded by IISc Bangalore) (Jun’ 2022 to Jun’ 2023) (Role: PI)

Completed projects

  1. Compocasting of A356-MWCNT alloy composite targeting structural application (Approved project, to be Funded by CSIR-HRDG) (Jan’ 2021 to May’ 2022) (Role: PI)
  2. Development of Stirrcast heat sink out of Al-Si-MWCNT alloy composite for Thermal management of high power LEDs (Funded by DST- Nanomission) (April’ 2019 to May’ 2022) (Role: PI)
  3. Rheo-pressure die casting of Al-Mg2Si-Si composite. (Funded by DST-SERB) (July’ 2014-July’ 2018) (Role: PI)
  4. Development of Net shape Alumina Dental Brackets by Ceramic Injection Moulding. (Funded by DST- Science and Society division under “SYST” scheme) (Aug’ 2015- Aug’ 2018) (Role: PI)
  5. Facility for Rheo-pressure die casting. (Funded by DST- TSDB) (Nov’ 2010 to Nov’ 2014) (Role: Co-PI)
  6. Phase field modelling of Microstructure evolution of Rheo Cast Billets. (CSIR) (Mar’ 2011 to Mar’ 2013) (Role: PI) 7. Development of porous Nickel wick through MIM route. (Funded by ISRO) (Jul’ 2008 to Sep’ 2011) (Role: Co-PI) 8. Rheo Pressure Die Casting of Al-Mg Alloy Composite. (Funded by CSIR) (Mar’ 2012 to Mar’ 2017) (Role: Co-PI) 9. Development of hypereutectic Al-Si alloy with superior chemical composition for auto engine piston application (Funded by CSIR) (Mar’ 2012 to Mar’ 2017) (Role: Team Member)
  7. Facility for Clean Coal Research and Development (Funded by CSIR) (Nov’ 2017-Sept’2018) (Role: PI)


  1. Capetown, South Africa, 8-11th October’ 2012. (Purpose: Paper presentation at S2P 2012 conference).
  2. KTH, Sweden and Aalto University, Finland, 20 - 23rd May’ 2013. (Purpose: Paper presentation at CSSCR2013 conference).


  • SERB Technology Translation Award (SERB-TETRA) - 2022, awarded by the SERB (India).
  • "Er. M. P. Baya National Award – 2021" in "Mechanical Engineering", awarded by the Institution of Engineers (India).
  • "INAE Young Engineer Award2020" under "Mechanical Engg." Category & "INAE Young Associate" since 2021.
  • "CSIR Young Scientist Award2017" in the "Engineering Sciences" category.
  • "Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) Young Scientist Award2019" under "Engineering Sciences" category.
  • "Institution of Engineers India (IEI) Young Engineer Award2019" under "Mechanical Engineering" category.
  • "Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) Young Metallurgist Award 2019" under "Non Ferrous" category.
  • "Dr R L Thakur Memorial Award for Young Scientists– 2020” fromIndian Ceramic Society.
  • “MRSI Young Scientist” award by Materials Research Society of India, 12th September’ 2014.
  • 'Speaker of the Day' at Therma Comp 2018, held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, from 9-11 July 2018.
  • Award grant under the "Scheme for Young Scientists and Technologists" of SEED division, DST, 2015 & 2018.
  • Acta Metallurgica Sinica (English Letters) (Springer) "Excellent article Award 2016".
  • Recieved Foreign Travel Grant from ISTAD (CSIR), 2012 & ITS (SERB), 2013.
  • "Certificate of Excellence" award by Indian Institute of Metals (Durgapur Chapter), 30th Oct' 2012.
  • Obtaining 1st rank in the department (M.Tech 2010 batch, IIT Roorkee).


Light Metals/Composites and Manufacturing processes, Casting & Solidification, Injection moulding of ceramics, metal and polymers, Manufacturing process modelling, Powder Metallurgy, Bio-inspired manufacturing, Mechanics of Light alloys


Book/Monograph: 03, Book Chapter: 01, International Journals (Published): 40, Invited lectures + Contributed presentations: 69, Technical reports of research projects: 15, Citations: 557, Hindex: 20, I10-index: 15 (as per Google scholar database) Weblink:</li>


  1. Das, P.; Maiti, A.: Gravity cast in-situ Al-15Mg2Si-4.5Si composite and a process thereof. Submitted as: Indian Patent (Application No 201811015624, application date 25.04. 2018)
  2. Das, P.; Das, P. ; Ray, T.; Mandal, N.; Singh, M.: Tooth colored Dental Brackets and a process thereof. Submitted as: Indian Patent (Application No 201811029904, application date 09.08. 2018)
  3. Das, P.; Sarkar, M.: Eco-friendly alumina feedstock and process technology to develop micro ceramic injection moulded parts thereof. Submitted as: Indian Patent (Application No 201911003330, application date 28.01. 2019)
  4. Das, P.; Ray, T.; Sarkar, S.; Das, S.: Rheo Gravity die cast in-situ Al-15Mg2Si-4.5Si-0.01Sr-0.015B composite and an Automobile Brake disc cast thereof. Submitted as: Indian Patent (Application No 201911012127, application date 28.03. 2019)


01 (IIT (BHU), Varanasi) + 02 (NERIST, Arunachal Pradesh) + 01 (JIS Engg College, Kalyani) + 01 (Dumka Engg College, Jharkhand) + 01 (IIT Kgp, Kharagpur)+ 01 (KGEC, Kalyani) + 01 (Adhiyamaan Engg College, Tamil Nadu) + 01 (GMIT, Baruipur) + 01 (IIM Durgapur Chapter, Durgapur) +01 (SINP, Kolkata) + 01 (at LPU, Jalandhar) + 01 (NIIST, Trivandrum) + 01 (INSA, New Delhi)+ 01(Mysore Univ.) + 01(CSIR HQ.) + 01(IEI, Dgp) + 03 (CMERI) + 02(CVRCE, Bhubaneswar) + 01(Manipur Univ.)


  1. Indian Society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT) (ISHMT No. 733),
  2. Indian Science Congress Association (ISCA) (Membership No. L26785),
  3. Material Research Society of India (MRSI) (Membership No. LMB2072),
  4. Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) (Membership No. DO1-LM01-50876),
  5. Indian Nuclear Society (INS) (Membership No. LM11047),
  6. Indian society for Advancement of materials and Processing Engineering (Membership No. L-1628),
  7. The Institute of Indian Foundrymen (Membership No. M/09973/E/CAL),
  8. Institution of Engineers India (IEI) (Membership No. M-1592335),
  9. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) (former Student Membership No. 000100748365),
  10. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) (former Student Membership No. 000015829006),
  11. Investment Casting Society India (Membership No. ICS /LM /110)


Summer Interns: 05, B.Tech: 04, M.Tech: 20, JRF/SRF/PA: 12, PhD: 4 ongoing (as Co-guide)