Emeritus Faculty
B-209, Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore-560012, INDIA


Educational/career/recognitions/research topics:

After a B.Sc. from University of Mysore, pursued studies at the Department of Metallurgy, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 12, for the B.E. and M.E. degrees. In the area of physical/mechanical metallurgy, a research programme was undertaken leading to a Ph.D. degree. As a Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor served as a faculty in the department. Later on, continued as an Emeritus Professor supported by CSIR and UGC. Listed amongst the distinguished alumni of SJC. A paper in the journal from ECSI had the distinction of being judged the best for the year of publication. This occurred another time but in a different journal, namely, Journal of NDE. Also received the prestigious NMD award. Had the good fortune of seeing the microscopy work from the laboratory feature on the cover page of a prestigious journal, viz., Journal of Materials Science, In Journal of Materials Science Letters too, the fractography work from the laboratory featured on the front cover page of an issue. The microscopy work received good visibility in two other journals, namely, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, published from overseas, and Bulletin of Materials Science, published in India. Two journal cover pages detailing the features from the work done in the laboratory are enclosed for viewing.

Areas of Research Interest:

Structure – Property correlations in metal-based and polymer matrix-based systems; development and characterisation of newer polymer-based composites; friction and wear studies. Work on developing, fabrication and characterisation of the then comparatively newer type cast iron, namely, compacted graphite cast iron yielded very encouraging results. The group also saw the fabrication of a solar furnace for melting metals. Processing, fabrication, and characterisation of polymer matrix–based composites involving naturally occurring jute and sisal fibres formed another facet of the work in the laboratory. Also involved in hybridizing naturally derived fibres with man made ones mainly for studying the properties of the resultant systems. The group also ventured into using abundantly occurring industrial waste material like fly ash for making newer composite systems. Physical and mechanical properties’ evaluation followed the fabrication. Studies on syntactic foams formed another rewarding activity. All these resulted in many dozens of publications in leading journals for the group.

Some publications:

  1. SEM observations of the effects of velocity and load on the sliding wear characteristics of glass fabric–epoxy composites with different fillers
    Kishore, Sampathkumaran, P., Seetharamu, S., . Vynatheya,. S., .Murali, A., Kumar, R.K.
    Wear, 2000, 237(1), pp. 20–27

  2. A study on the effect of the type and content of filler in epoxy-glass composite system on the friction and slide wear characteristics
    Kishore, Sampathkumaran, P., Seetharamu, S., Thomas, P., Janardhana, M.
    Wear, 2005, 259(1-6), pp. 634–641

  3. The role of strain rate response on tribological behavior of metals
    Menezes, P.L., Kishore, Kailas, S.V., Lovell, M.R.
    Journal of Tribology, 2013, 135(1), 011601

  4. Compressive and flexural properties of functionally graded fly ash cenosphere-epoxy resin syntactic foams
    Doddamani, M., Kishore, Shunmugasamy, V.C., Gupta, N., Vijayakumar, H.B.
    Polymer Composites, 2015, 36(4), pp. 685–693

  5. Post-failure Analysis and Fractography of In-plane Tension-Tested Tufted Carbon Fabric-Reinforced Epoxy Composite Laminates
    Masa, S.K., Mallya, A.B., Dhanapal, K., Ramachandra, R.V., Kishore
    Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2015, 24(4), pp. 1581–1586

  6. Dry sliding wear of epoxy/cenosphere syntactic foams
    Manakari, Vyasaraja; Parande, Gururaja; Doddamani, Mrityunjayb; Gaitonde V.N.c;Siddhalingeshwar I.G.d; Kishoree; Shunmugasamy, Vasanth Chakravarthyf; Gupta, Nikhilf
    Tribology International, 2015, 92, pp. 425–438

  7. Influence of Surface Texture and Roughness of Softer and Harder Counter Materials on Friction During Sliding
    Menezes, PL ; Kishore; Kailas, SV ; Lovell, MR
    Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 2015 , 24 (1) 393-403

  8. Electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of polyaniline-nickel oxide coated cenosphere composite film
    Bora, P.J., Vinoy, K.J., Ramamurthy, P.C., Kishore, Madras, G.
    Composites Communications, 2017, 4, pp. 37–42

  9. Data-driven methodology to realize strong and broadband microwave absorption properties of polymer-fly ash cenosphere composite
    Bora, P.J., Mahanta, B., Kishore, Ramamurthy, P.C.
    Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2022, 139(16), 51981

  10. Tribological studies on aluminum beryl composites subjected to ECAP process
    Sagar, K.G., Suresh, P.M., Sampathkumaran, P., Kishore
    Wear, 2023, 523, 204775

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