(From left to right) Piyush, Praveen, Somaiah, Prashant - Founding members of the group

(From left to right) Somaiah, Piyush, Praveen kumar, Jagadish Roy (father of Praveen Kumar)

(From left to right) Ankush, Somaiah, Snadeep, Kunal, Piyush, Praveen, Rangasayee, Prashant and Tarang

Tarang (first from right) receiving best poster award at ICSMA - 16

Group dinner: Binay's Farewell party and Welcoming party for Dipali and Dinesh

Santanu talking about electro-lithography: Inaugural talk at CeNSE 3rd Annual Student Symposium

Professor Rudra Pratap giving a souvenir box to the Honorable PM, Sri Narandra Modi, during his visit to IISc. "Om" written by Santanu using our invention of Electrolithography is one of the three things in this box.

Group dinner at Higher Taste - Some and various random reasons for gathering! (September 2016)

Group lunch to celebrate "birthday" of Ajay and succesful colloquiums of Ali, Dipali and Ajay!

Abhilash getting Dr. A. K. Bose Medal 2019 at IIM ATM 2019 for his ME project work.

Group retreat 2023!