Materials Facilities Center

Position of Project Assistant


February 17, 2016


Interested candidates are requested to send an email with their CV to


Work description

The project assistant will be required to work on a collaborative project with GE Power, India. The work involves metallography using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy of additively manufactured samples of a nickel base superalloys both through the direct metal deposition and laser metal sintering process. The characterization will also involve the determination of grain orientation by EBSD processes in the scanning electron microscope and Xray diffraction for phase identification. Quantification of all aspects of structure such as grain size, porosity, phase distributions by standard statistical methods of quantitative metallography will be required. The project assistant is expected to develop a familiarity with solidification structures and the metallurgy of cast nickel base superalloys, especially in relation to microstructure and phase distribution.



Experience with the preparation of samples for optical metallography is essential. Experience in operation of scanning electron microscopy is desirable. A general understanding of various aspects of physical metallurgy is also desirable.



M.Sc/BE/BTech/BS( 4years): Physics, Chemistry, Materials Sciences or Engineering/Mechanical Engineering





Time Period

1 year