Materials Facilities Center


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  • General Information & Booking Procedures


    Welcome to the Materials Facilities Center booking site. Here are some guidelines for the use of the facilities.

    1. First time users must download MFC Registration form and fill in online for all microscopes which are needed to you and an ID number will be generated, and bring it to the system administrator at MFC filled in all respects with photograph along with the id number for each microscopes for approval.


    2.Bookings must be cancelled at least 1 working day prior to the slot date. Failure to use the booking will lead to loss of privileges in using the facility. A delay of more than 15 minutes in starting the slot will be treated as no-show and the booking will be cancelled to enable other users to use the machine.


    3.Slots cannot be privately exchanged but must be cancelled on the web-site as per the cancellation rules. Only one person, in addition to the person who booked, is allowed in microscope room.


    4.Unavoidable loss of booking due to equipment maintenance / failure will not be compensated for any users.


    5.Improper sample preparation / desiccation or the use of samples that may damage the microscope will lead to slot cancellation. The Person in charge of the machine are entitled to make the decision in case of any dispute, contact Prof.


    6.The New-Registrations, is only for IISc community. Outsiders please send your request your request to



  • Booking rules and slot timings


    The Instruments are normally available as follows:


    (a).Users from Materials Engineering(Independent): Mon 10:00-5:00,Wed,Thu 2:00-5:00


    (b).Users from Materials Engineering(Dependent): Tu 2.00 to 5.00


    (c).Users from other departments: Tu,Wed,Thu 10:00-1:00


    (d).EXPERT users:(Mon-Fri[After 5.00 PM],Weekends & Holidays)



    On any given day, you will find 3 weeks of slots available for booking: weeks 1,2 and 3. Slots for the following weeks 2 and 3 may be booked in the appropriate category but ONLY ONE SLOT PER USER. Slots in week 1 (i.e., the current week) that have remained unbooked are available without restrictions as to number as follows: Monday-Thursday slots may be booked by anyone registered at the centre. Friday (10.00-5.00PM) may be booked by any independent user. EXPERT users can book Mon-Fri[After 5.00 PM],Weekends & Holidays


    Sample preparation


    Samples MUST be brought to the center and desiccated at least 24 hours prior to the session. Ensure sample cleanliness; in particular, remove hydrocarbons and other volatile materials. Enter sample details in the pop-up window that comes after booking your slot.


    Cancellation of booking


    Bookings must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. Users who cancel late and lead to slots lying vacant may be penalized!


  • Instrument Usage charges

    Instrument name                                                                            Charges per sample/per hour


    1 Rheometer                                                                                                    ₹ 500/- per sample


    2 Thermogravimetric Analysis                                                                       ₹ 500/- per sample


    3 Vector Network Analyser                                                                           ₹ 500/- per sample


    4 Differential Scanning Calorimetry                                                              ₹ 500/- per sample


    5 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis                                                                       ₹ 1000/- per sample


    6 Polarising Optical Microscope                                                                      ₹ 500/- per hour


    7 3D Printer                                                                                                    ₹ 500/- per sample


    8 Electrospinning                                                                                             ₹ 500/- per hour


    9 EPMA                                                                                                            ₹ 1500/- for 3 hour slot


    10 High Performance DMA GABO-EPLEXOR 500N                                       ₹ 250/- per sample  ₹ 500/- Outsiders


    11 Rigaku X-ray powder diffractometer                                                         ₹ 300/- per sample  ₹ 500/- Per hour



  • Slot Cancellation Policy

    Slots are has to be cancelled one day before the slot later cancellation will not be considered and the amount will be charged.