Processing, Structure and Properties of Materials

Laboratory C207, C-Wing, Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore - 560012, INDIA.

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Research programmes in our group aim at constructing a quantitative and predictive understanding of the phenomena underlying the materials development and application effort with an emphasis on engineering materials. We employ a variety of experimental and computational tools, including advanced electron microscopy techniques, to elucidate and establish process-structure-property relationships in materials.

  • >> August 2016: Biswaranjan Dash joined the group as Research Assiociate

  • >> July 2016: Dr. D Banerjee and Abishek Sharma attended the Conference on Beyond Superalloys II at the University of Cambrigde

  • >> May 2016: Pooja Srinivas joined the group as Project Assistant

  • >> March 2016: Abhishek Tripathi joined the group as Research Assiociate

  • >> Vinay defends his MSc(Engineering) thesis, April 2016. Congratulations

  • >> Vilas defends his PhD thesis, April 2016. Congratulations

  • >> Shanoob defends his PhD thesis, March 2016. Congratulations

  • >> February 2015: Krishna succesfully defends his thesis, congratulations!

  • >> December 2015: Dr. D Banerjee attended the Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies (AMPT) conference in Madrid

  • >> November 2015: Raviteja leaves the group to join NMDC

  • >> August 2015: Arunima, Shanoob and Priyanka present papers at the 13th world conference on Titanium

  • >> July 2015: Dr. D Banerjee spends a month at the University of Michigan as a visiting faculty

  • >> May 2015: Anusheela and Abhilash have joined the group as interns

  • >> January 2015: Kaustubh joins the group for his Master's research

  • >> November 2014: Krishna finished his open thesis colloquium, congratulations!

  • >> October 2014: Vilas finished his open thesis colloquium, congratulations!

  • >> September 2014: Swathi cleared her compre, congratulations!

  • >> August 2014: Dr. D Banerjee has been conferred with DRDO Lifetime achievement award, congratulations!

  • >> August 2014: Shanoob has got European Microscopy Society Scholorship for attending 18th International Microscopy Congress (IMC 2014), Congratulations!

  • >> August 2014: Raviteja has joined the group for his Doctorol studies, All the best!

  • >> July 2014: Ankush Kashiwar has successfully completed and presented his ME thesis, congratulations!

  • >> February 2014: Vinay wins third prize for his "Superalloy Bouquet" at Sukshma, a contest sponsored by Carl Zeiss in Pravega 2014. His award winning micrograph to be featured in the Carl Zeiss calender, congratulations!

  • >> February 2014: Prof. Hamish Fraser from Ohio State University, USA visits PSPM group.

  • >> January 2014: Vinay wins second prize for optical and third prize for SEM in Metallography contest at 27th Annual Student Symposium, congratulations!

  • >> January 2014: Arunima Banerjee joins the group for her Master's research

  • >> December 2013: Krishna wins the best poster prize in the Nitride Session at IUMR-ICA conference held at IISc, congratulations!

  • >> September 2013: Abhishek clears his compre, congratulations!

  • >> August 2013: Krishna presented an abstract on LT GaN nucleation layers on sapphire at ICNS-10, Washington D.C., congratulations!

  • >> July 2013: Shalini and Manu clear compre, congrats and all the best!!

  • >> July 2013: Shreyasi Sahu joins the group as project assistant

  • >> July 2013: Shanoob is back after his short stint at UNT Denton, Welcome back!

  • >> April 2013: Leenakshi joins the group for her summer internship

  • >> Feb 2013: Ashutosh joins the group as Postdoctoral Fellow

  • >> Feb 2013: "Perspectives on Titanium Science and Technology", a review article published by Prof. Banerjee and Prof. J. C. Williams in the diamond jublee issue of Acta Materialia

  • >> Jan 2013: Krishna wins second prize in Metallography contest at 26th Annual Student Symposium, congratulations!