Welcome to the website of Non Equilibrium Processing and Nano Materials Group. You will find information about the activities of our group here, both academic and non academic.


Our group is engaged in various aspects of materials processing, properties and characterisation. Current areas of interest include Materials related issues in new energy generation routes, Material design for high temperature applications, Process and Microstructure Design for better properties in light alloys, Synthesis and Phase Transformation behavior of materials at nano scale, Structure-Property-Processing relationship in nanostructured magnetic materials, Experimental and numerical studies on Friction Stir Welding/Processing and Material related issues in Electronic Packaging. We have had active interest in Surface modification by Laser cladding route and Materials Processing under Microgravity in recent past.


Please go through the website for details. You are welcome to write to us for any further queries.



Prof. Kamanio Chattopadhyay, FASc, FNASc, FNAE, FNA, FIIM

Honorary Professor, Department of Materials Engineering,

Former Chair, Mechanical Sciences Division

Convenor, Interdisciplinary Center for Energy Research,

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Director (India),

Solar Energy Research Institute for India and United States (SERIIUS)



National Microgravity Programme,

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)


Past President,

Indian Institute of Metals