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Hi! Welcome to our part of the web!

In the Computational Materials Science (CMS) group, our research is primarily in the area of modelling of microstructural evolution during diffusional phase transformations. We have on-going programs in stress effects on microstructures in coherent solid systems, transformations that yield three phase microstructures in ternary alloys, role of structural defects (in particular, grain boundaries) during precipitation and spinodal decomposition, and solidification of binary and ternary alloys.

Similar to most personal and group websites, ours too is a work in progress; therefore, we will continue to work on our site's contents. In the meantime, we will greatly appreciate receiving your comments or suggestions for improving this site.


Computational Materials Science Group, Department of Metallurgy
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012. India.
+91 80 293 2676 (Phone), +91 80 360 0472 (Fax)

T. A. Abinandanan: abinand (at)
Last update: 15 September 2020