"He was one of the nicest persons I've ever known. Cheerful and always willing to give a helping hand at any point in time, he had this uncanny knack of winning over people with his disarming smile and pleasant demeanour. We had some of the best times together - all those trips as a big, noisy group to Mercara (jampacked in a van!), then to Kemmangundi (where we slept in some decrepit bungalow) and later to Ooty which was so impulsive as we just decided to leave one Friday night. Manish, being the localite was always forced to be the organiser - and he sure did a great job. Then ofcourse all the day-to-day activities we shared : the numerous movies, dinners at C-mess, the gossip at PD-Block reading room - the list is endless. The hospitality he used to display at his Jayanagar residence, proved a haven for all those craving for some delicious home food. Surely, his parents did not deserve this cruel blow for being the sweetest people around."