The ME Program

The Department offers a 2-year Master of Engineering (ME) degree program in Materials Engineering. The intake consists of students with a BE / BTech degree in metallurgical, ceramics, mechanical and chemical engineering. The GATE scores in the respective disciplines is the sole criterion for selection. Please consult the IISc Admissions website for more details.

The 2-year ME curriculum requires the student to complete 32 credits of courses in the first year, and 32 credits of ME thesis research project in the second year. The course details may be found here.

After the first semester of courses, each ME student will be assigned a faculty adviser in whose group the ME thesis research will be done. This allotment is done typically in the first week of the second semester, so as to enable to student and his/her adviser to choose the courses based on his/her research topic.

The progress of each student’s thesis research is monitored and evaluated in two stages: the first evaluation at the end of the third semester, and the second (final) evaluation at the end of the fourth. The student receives one consolidated grade for the ME project at the end of the final evaluation.