X-ray Diffraction Laboratory

XPERTPro, PANalytical JDX-8030 , JEOL

(1) X-Pert PRO, PANalytical

Fixed tube, Cu target, secondary graphite monochromator, flat plate horizontal sample holder, X-Celerator* for faster data acquisition, X-Pert Hi-Score plus software pattern analysis and phase identification (ICDD data base).
* Usage of X-Celerator reduces the data acquisition time by ~1/4th .

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(2) JDX-8030, JEOL

Fixed tube, Cu and Fe-targets, horizontal flat plate sample holder.
Sample and quantity:
Most preferably powder, Otherwise any sample with flat surface. The powder/ bulk sample should cover ~ 15 mm x ~15 mm x ~1 mm space of the standard sample holder.

For booking on this system, Please Contact Mr.A.N.Krishnamurthy ( X-Ray LAB)
Training for INDEPENDENT Usership,– Contact Dr.SatyamSuwas / Dr. Rajeev Ranjan

(3) X-radiography

Stenoscop 9000 is a mobile medical X-ray unit equipped with a C-arm, on which an image intensifier and X-ray source are mounted. The X-ray system enables operation in one of several modes: standard radiography, high-resolution fluoroscopy, pulsed fluoroscopy, and standard fluoroscopy. Up to 50 min of continuous X-ray emission in the fluoroscopy mode allowed collection of the high-quality, distortion-free images. Voltage range is from 40 to 110 kV and current range is from 0.1 to 6 mA. The unit has dual focus.

For further information contact Prof. GS Gupta (govindg@iisc.ac.in)