Mechanical Testing Lab

No. Equipment Nature of tests Specs Contact
Universal Testing Machines
1 Dartec Servo-hydraulic UTM Compression,Tension Max Load(KN):100Strain rate(/sec):10-4 to 10Temperature (oC) <1000 Mr. S. Sasidhara
2 Instron 8032 Servo-hydraulicUTM Tension, Compression, Bending, Fracture, Low Cycle Fatigue Max Load(KN): 100Strain rate(/sec):10-3 to 10-1 Mr. S. Sasidhara
3 Instron 8502 Servo-hydraulicUTM Stress CorrosionStudies Max Load(KN): 100Strain rate(/sec):10-3 to 10-1 Mr. S. Sasidhara
4 Zwick/RoellScrew driven UTM Tension,Compression, Bending Max Load(KN): 100Crosshead speed(mm/min):0.0005 to 200Temperature (oC) <300oC Mr. S. Sasidhara
5 Instron 5567 Screw driven UTM Tension,Compression Max Load(KN):30Cross head speed(mu/sec):0.1 to 500Temperature (oC) <600oC Prof. A.H. Chokshi
Impact and high strain rate testing machines
6 Split-HopkinsonPressure Bar (SHPB) apparatus High strain rate Compression Max Load (KN):20Strain rate(/sec):1000 to 4000Temperature (oC)<600 Prof. S.Karthikeyan
7 Instron Dynatup8250 Impact tester Instrumented Drop Weight Test Velocity (m/sec): 0.61 to 4.8Energy(Joules): 0.67 to 302Weight(kg): 2.5, 4.5,11.3,22.7, 34, 45.3Data Acquisition: Instron 930-I
8 Tinius-Olsen Model T 84 Pendulum Impact tester InstrumentedCharpy and IzodImpact Test Velocity(m/sec): 0.1 to 5.1Energy(Joules): 0.2 to 359Data Acquisition: Instron 930-I
Macro and Micro hardness testing machines
9 Indentec Macro hardness tester Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell hardness Load Range(kgf)Vickers: 3, 5, 10, 100Brinell: 5, 10, 62.5, 187.5Rockwell: 60, 100, 150Holding time(sec): 1 to 60
10 Zwick/Roell ZHVmicrohardnesstester Vickersmicrohardness Load Range(kgf): 3, 5, 10, 100Holding time(sec): 5 to 60Objective lenses: 10x, 40x

For availability of different equipment for usage, please contact the respective contacts, while ccing Prof. S. Karthikeyan. Kindly provide details on the type of test, material to be tested, number of samples and your affiliation.

Members of the facility:

Faculty: A.H. Chokshi (Facility Incharge), Prof S. KarthikeyanProf. Subodh KumarProf Satyam Suwas and Prof. U. Ramamurty

Staff: Mr. S. Sasidhara and Mr. V. Rajakumaran

The department also has facilities for Instrumented IndentationDynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) and Thin Film Stress measurement.