Heat Treatment

Faculty member in charge: Aloke Paul
Staff: P.Padaikathan and V.Babu

Hot Air Ovens:

  • 200 deg. C – 3 racks
  • 250 deg. C – 3 racks

Tube furnaces:

  • Two small tube furnaces- 80 mm dia – 1050 deg. C
  • One tube furnace – 50 mm dia-1300 deg C
  • One tube furnace – 100 mm dia 1700 deg. C

Box furnaces:

  • One box furnace – chamber size 6″x1.5′- 1100 deg. C
  • One box furnace- chamber size 6″x1″- 1350 deg C
  • One box furnace – chamber size 6″x6″ – 1700 deg. C

For temperature precision to better than 5 deg. C, you need to take additional steps for calibration. If you want to heat below 300 deg.C, you can find first the difference between the actual and set temperatures by using a thermometer, which can go up to 250 deg. C. These thermometers are available in stores or local companies. Relatively high temperature furnaces should be calibrated with the help of melting point of gold (ask any PhD students in Prof. Aloke Paul’s lab for help). Note that this procedure is relatively more reliable than other methods.

For reliable results, perform your own calibration, especially after changing the tube or thermocouple. For one set of experiments use the same furnace to minimise errors. It is very difficult to calibrate 1700 deg. C furnace running in air. However, we have seen that above 1500 deg. C, furnaces are reliable even without any additional calibration.