Atomic Force Microscopy(AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy(STM)

Specifications: AFM system

  • Scan head: Maximum scan range: 70micron
  • Drive resolution Z: 0.21 nm and XY: 1.0 nm (based on 16 bits)
  • Auto approach: 5mm, Maximum approach speed: 0.1mm/s
  • Cantilevers: CONTR/NCLR (FREQUENCY: 15-300 kHz)
  • Imaging Modes: Phase contrast, Force Modulation, Spreading Resistance

Specifications: STM system

  • Scan head: Maximum scan range: 1.0micron
  • Maximum Z-range: 200 nm
  • Drive Resolution Z: 3 pm and XY: 15 pm
  • Tip-sample approach: Stick-slip piezo motor
  • Tip: Pt/ Ir wire: 0.25 mm
  • Sample size: Max. 10 mm diameter
  • Calibrated using: HOPG

Faculty member in charge: A.M.Raichur

Independent users: Anand Kumar (expert user) and Rajendra Kruptai (Ashok M. Raichur), Swathi and Satyajit Gupta (Praveen C. Ramamurthy)