Computational software resources in the department

Finite element modeling software: ANSYS
(Server in Prof. Praveen Kumar’s office): Max licences (25 at one time)

Steps towards installation:

  1. Get the installation disk/s from Prof. Praveen Kumar.
  2. Go to Disk1, Click on Setup.exe (for client computer), SetupLM.exe (Host computer).
  3. Install ANSYS Inc. and then click Next.
  4. Choose platform (Windows x32/x64 -detects automatically). Click Next.
  5. Disable RSS feed. Click Next.
  6. Check ANSYS Customization files and choose the products that need to be installed on your system. Click Next.
  7. Skip step for ICEM CFD and Skip step for workbench. Click Next.
  8. ANSYS will install 64 files automatically.
  9. Provide path for Disk 2 and it will install 40 files from Disk 2.
  10. ANSYS would check if the license file for the software is available on client computer; if not found then we need to obtain license from the host computer and hence would be asked to provide IP address ( for the same. IP address should be provided when system asks to provide path to Host PC. From hereon ANSYS would automatically obtain license.
  11. You are now ready to work with ANSYS

VASP:  Vienna Ab initio simulation package:
(Installed in the machines of Prof. S. Karthikeyan): Max licenses:10 distributed over 5 MedeA(GUI) and ! 5 standalone.
Student in-charge: K.V Vamsi (PhD student)


  • (Prof. Dipankar Banerjee) : Student in-charge: R. Vinay (PhD student)
    Databases: Ni(TTNI8) , Ti (TTTI3)
  • (Prof. S. Karthikeyan): Students in-charge: Shailendra Kumar Verma (PhD student)
    Databases: Steel, Al-alloys

ASM: Phase Diagram databases

Instructions to access

  1. Go to
  2. choose the link to: Materials Resources
  3. under that to: Online Data Bases
  4. and then: ASM Alloy Phase Diagram data base
  5. Log in with
    User name 696329
    Password Banerjee
  6. Can be used by atmost 5 users at a time. Can be downloaded and used in publications and presentations with appropriate copyright clearances.

Multi-phase, multicomponent parallelized phase-field solver(MMPPS)

This is a 2D multi-phase, multi-component phase-field solver, for applications to diffusion-coupled phase transformations.

The details of setting up , compiling and running the code are present in the folder README in the file: solverManual.pdf.

You will need mpich2 installed on your computer to make it work.

Any questions please contact: (Abhik Choudhury)