Praveen C Ramamurthy

Praveen C Ramamurthy
Praveen C Ramamurthy

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (2004), Clemson University, USA
M.Sc. (1995), University of Mysore

+91-80-2293 2627

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Research Interests

Electroactive polymers, Nanocomposite, Organic nanoelectronics, and sensors. Area of polymer electronics like Schottkey diode, FET, OPVD, sensors, with current focus on elucidation of structure property relationship of polymers to the performance of the devices and functionalization of nanocomposites.

Selected Recent Publications
  • Ramamurthy, P.C., Harrell, W.R., and Gregory, R.V. (2007). Synthesis and characterization of high molecular weight polyaniline for organic electronic application, in communication, Journal of Applied Polymer Science.
  • Ramamurthy, P.C., Harrell, W.R., Gregory, R.V., Rao, A.M., (2007) Integration and Distribution of Carbon Nanotubes in Solution Processed Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotube Composites, Journal of Electrochemical Society, 154 (6), H495-H499.
  • Ramamurthy, P.C., Malshe, A.M., Harrell, W.R., Gregory, R.V., McGuire, K., and Rao, A.M. (2004). Polyaniline / single-walled carbon nanotube composite electronic device. Solid-State Electronics, 48, 2019 – 2024.

Total publications:45



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