Chief Research Scientist

E-306, Department of Materials Engineering,
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560012, INDIA

Tel: +91-80-2293 3246
email: gsa_at_iisc.ac.in

Ph.D.(2002), IISc
M.Sc.(Engg) (1997), IISc
M.Phil. (1983), Nagpur University
M.Sc. (1981), Nagpur University
B.Sc. (1979), Poona University

Research Interests
Processing Science, Electron Microscopy, Electronics.

Selected Publications
1. Techniques for Characterization of Nano Materials, G.S.Avadhani , Proc. The Sixth International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Material Technologies,(MMT-2010), Ariel, Israel, Aug.23-27, 2010. p.1-211-244.
2. Optimization of Warm Workability of Armco Iron and some binary Alloys: A study using Processing Maps, G.S.Avadhani, Proc. International Conference on Automotive Materials & Manufacturing-2010(AM&M-2010), 6-8 Oct.2010, Pune, India.019, p. 215-220.
3. Microwave Assisted Synthesis and UV-Vis Spectroscopic Studies of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Vanillin as a Reducing Agent B. Aswathy, G.S. Avadhani, I.S. Sumithra, S. Suji, G. Sony, Journal of Molecular Liquids (2011), (in press).

Total publications: 20