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K P Abraham Memorial Fund

An Appeal to Alumni and well wishers

The Indian Institute of Science and the Department of Materials Engineering announce the launch of the KP Abraham Memorial Fund. We aim to generate a corpus of at least Rs. 2 crores that will serve the twin objectives of partially equipping laboratories in our new building and of endowing a visiting faculty chair.

Professor Kadavil Poulose Abraham (1920-2011) served the department for  21 years, including the period 1972-1977 when he was the fourth Head of the Department. As a teacher, Professor Abraham inspired many generations of students through his lectures on thermodynamics and extractive metallurgy. His teaching covered both iron & steel and nonferrous metals. He helped establish laboratories in Process Metallurgy, some of which were pioneering in the Indian scene.  When that generation of alumni reflects on the solidity of the fundamentals with which they left IISc, it is in large part a testimony to the academic excellence that Professor Abraham nurtured. His students went on to become leading metallurgists and materials scientists, both, in academic institutions as well as in industry, in India and abroad. In launching this appeal, the Institute and the department, where he spent the major part of his working life, would like to pay tribute to his accomplishments in laying the foundations for what has now become a vibrant centre for teaching and research in the field of materials in India.

The present appeal follows our earlier tribute to Professor Brahm Prakash, the first Indian Head of the Department, which saw the establishment of the Prof Brahm Prakash Visiting Chair and Prof Brahm Prakash Laboratory by generating resources of the order of Rs 1 crore from Government institutions, alumni, and well wishers, nearly 2 decades ago.

The department has just commenced the construction of a 4-storeyed building which will house about 2500 square metres of laboratories, classrooms and offices to accommodate our expanding needs that arise from a research student strength that now exceeds 110, a new Undergraduate programme, in addition to the traditional Masters and in the diversification of our research interests to include electronic materials, polymers and bio-engineering. The KP Abraham Chair Professorship will add to existing chairs to enable distinguished scientists to spend significant periods of time at IISc.

We invite alumni and well-wishers to contribute generously to the fund (Contributions received so far Rs.70.20 Lakhs, for details Click here). Cheques may be drawn in favour of Registrar, Indian Institute of Science – KP Abraham Memorial Fund. Donations from Indian citizens will attract Tax relief to the extent of 100% of the donation without limit under section  35(i)(ii) OR sec 80G(2)(a)(iiif). Wire transfer details are given below:

Name of institution: Indian Institute of Science
Name of Bank: State Bank of India, IISc Branch, Bangalore 560012, India
Account Name: Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012
Account Number: 317 280 981 70
Swift Code: SBI NIN BB 425
MICR Code: 560002020
IFSC Code Number: SBIN 000 2215
IISc PAN Number: AAATI 1501 J
IISc TAN Number: BLRI 00710D

Abinandanan TA
Chairman, Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Banagalore 560012, India

Contributions Received: Prof. K.P. Abraham memorial fund

As on February 20, 2016

The KPA appeal was formally approved in August 2012 and launched on January 16th, 2013, at the golden jubilee reunion of the 1962 batch with major contributions from students of the 62, 63 and 64 batches who had gathered on this occasion at the department.

The contributions received are shown below and an amount of Rs. 70.20 lakhs has been received so for. The target is Rs. 2 crores. For details on how to donate, please go to (link to main appeal)

More than 10 Lakhs

Aswin M.Shah, B.E. 1969
R.Sridhar, B.E. 1964

1 – 5 Lakhs

Anbu Varathan, B.E. 1986
Ashok Sinha, B.E. 1964
S.S.Balakrishna, M.E. 1965-67
N.Balasubramanian, B.E. 1962
N.Durai Raghavan, B.E. 1962
C.V.Hari Rao, B.E. 1963
Kailash Joshi, B.E. 1962
Murali Narayana Madhav, B.E. 1963
Pradip P
Raj Raheja, B.E. 1962
Ramamoorthy Ramesh, B.E. 1983
S.Ranganathan, B.E. 1962
Sairamkumar Jayaraman, B.E. 1989
S.Seetharaman, Ph.D.
Sridhar Seetharaman
Subhash Mahajan, B.E. 1961
K.N.Subramanian, B.E. 1964
Suresh Sundarraj, B.E. 1986-89
Tummala Rao, B.E. 1963
Vishu Dosaj, B.E. 1967
1963 & 1964 B.E.(Met) class
Golden Reunion (BE-1965, 66 & 68)

upto 1 Lakh

U.Anand, B.E. 1989
H.S.Ananda Kumar, M.E. 1963-64
Bhaskar Majumdar, Ph.D. 1996
Brij Moudgil, B.E. 1968
U.Balachandran, M.E. 1977
Dheepa Srinivasan, Ph.D. 1999
Joysurya Basu, Ph.D. 2005
Krishna Kant Prasad, Ph.D. 1972
R.V.Krishnan, B.E. 1967
Kumar Narayanan, B.E. 1986-89
Manjini Sambandam, M.E. 1989
S.K.Mohanty, B.E. 1962
N.K.Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.
B.S.Murthy, Ph.D. 1992
Nagarajan Rajagopalan, Ph.D. 1995
K.A.Natarajan, B.E. 1964
Nilesh P Gurao, Ph.D. 2010
M Phaniraj, Ph.D. 2005
Randhir Singh, M.E. 2003
Ranjan Datta, M.E. 2002
C.Ravindran, B.E. 1967
Sanak Mishra, B.E. 1968
Satish Kailash
A.O.Surendranath, M.E. 1984
P.Suryanarayan, B.E. 1967
S.Swaminathan, B.E. 1986-89
V.Venkateswaran, B.E. 1972
N.Viswanathan, Ph.D. 1997
IWIS-2014 (Iron and Steel making)
ICMR-2016 conference
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