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Alumni Reception at NMD-ATM 2016 [Updated]

[Update (7 November 2016): The Alumni Reception at 6 p.m. on 12.11.2016 will be held in the lawns of Prof. Ashish Garg’s residence inside IIT-K campus. Volunteers will help you find your way to the venue; also, we will organize transport to take you back to your place of stay.

There is a cover charge for the Alumni Dineer. It is Rs. 3,000 per person for alumni, and Rs. 1,000 per person for current students of our Department. Money left over after meeting all the expenses will go to the K.P. Abraham Memorial Fund.

We thank Professors Ashish Garg (ME, 1998) and Nilesh Gurao (PhD, 2010) for all their help!]

* * *

This year’s edition of NMD-ATM, the flagship event of the Indian Institute of Metals, will be held in IIT-Kanpur during 11-14 November 2016.

As we did in the previous years (Pune-2014, Coimbatore-2015), we are organizing an Alumni Reception during NMD-ATM this year as well. This subscription event is scheduled for the evening (6 p.m. onwards) of Saturday, the 12th of November, 2016. The venue will be announced in due course.

This is a call to all our alumni participants at NMD-ATM 2016 to join us at the Reception.

If you are planning to attend, please send a mail to alumnus[at]materials.iisc.ernet.in giving us the following details. In order to enable us to get a good handle on the numbers, we request you to send this mail well before the deadline of the 31st of October, 2016 :

  1. Name
  2. IISc Degree(s) and year(s)
  3. Mobile / phone number
  4. Current official address

The subscription for the reception is fixed at Rs. 3,000/- (the payment details will appear on this page soon); any surplus will be donated to the Prof. K.P. Abraham Memorial Fund, for which a fund-raising drive is already underway. So, larger contributions than Rs. 3,000/- are certainly welcome!

We are doing everything we can to reach out to all the alumni whose contact details are available with us. We seek your help in spreading the word about the Reception among your fellow alumni.

See you all in Kanpur!