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UG Final Year Project: Oral Examination

The Oral Exam for the UG Final Year Project will take place in the last week of April. Here’s the broad description of the process we will follow this year:

1. All the students are to submit three copies of their Project Report to Mrs. Lakshmi in the office of the Department of Materials Engineering. The deadline for submission is 5:00 p.m. on Monday, the 20th of April.

The Report needs to be submitted either in a spiral-bound form, or in a file. After incorporating all the corrections and suggestions from the examiners, the final, bound version of the Report has to be submitted on the 30th of April.

2. The Oral Examination board will consist of two common examiners, the Project guide(s), and an examiner identified by the guide(s).

3. The time-table for the Oral Exam will be sent in due course.

Please contact Prof. Abinandanan if you need any further information.