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Prof. Abhik Choudhury receives INSA Medal for Young Scientists – 2019

We are happy to announce that Prof. Abhik Choudhury is among those selected to receive the INSA Medal for Young Scientists this year. INSA website has the full list of Medal winners. The Institute has posted a note which mentions two other IISc faculty members who won this Medal this year: Geetharani K. (IPC), Chandni U. (IAP), and Supradeepa V.R. (CeNSE).

Hearty congratulations to all the Medal winners from the Institute!

Prof. Rajeev Ranjan and Prof. Abhik Choudhury win NMD Awards

Hearty congratulations to Prof. Rajeev Ranjan for winning this year’s Metallurgist of the Year award, and to Prof. Abhik N. Choudhury for the Young Metallurgist of the Year award (both in Metal Sciences). They received these awards during this year’s National Metallurgists’ Day celebrations on 14 November 2018 during the annual meeting of the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) in Kolkata.

We are delighted that this year’s NMD award winners list featured two of our alumni as well: Dr. Sanak Mishra (BE, 1968) received the Lifetime Achievment award, and Dr. Divakar Ramachandran (PhD, 2001) received the Metallurgist of the Year award in Metal Sciences. Further, this year’s list of IIM honours and awards features Dr. P. Ramesh Narayanan (PhD, 2011), who has been selected this year as a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Metals.

The full list of NMD award winners is here (local copy). And the list of IIM awards and honours is here (local copy).