Renewed Appeal to Manish Narayan Fund

Dear Friends,

Nearly 2 decades ago, the 1989-93 batch of M.E .(Integrated) seeded the Manish Narayan Fund (MNF) at Department of Metallurgy (now Materials Engineering) at IISc in memory of Manish. Theirs was a far-sighted and touching gesture whose implications could not have been realized at that time. Because this fund has now grown into a corpus of about 30 lakhs, thanks to subsequent donations from alumni and other funds generated through the Institute.

In the early years of this endowment, the fund was small and the number of awards given annually were less than 2; sometimes none. Fast forward to today and we now disburse Rs. 25000 ($ 400) to about 10-11 students, annually, from the interest received on this corpus, to help them travel and present talks at international conferences. Where do we want to be in future? That is why I am writing to you now to appeal to your generosity once again.

Our department now has 110 Ph.D. students, for whom, exposure to international conferences is no longer a luxury but an integral part of their training. It builds confidence, makes them realize where the cutting edge of their field is and helps them to network with professionals. In many instances, such visits help with identifying job opportunities. I believe that each student should attend a major meeting at least once in their tenure at IISc and that MNF should give them a seed grant that is sufficient for them to approach other funding agencies: this means quadrupling our corpus from 30 lakhs to at least 1.2 crores.

As part of the recently held Global Alumni Conference of IISc, I had the pleasure of meeting Krishna Kummamuru and discussing the prospect of a renewed appeal. I am delighted to report that he and his friends were enthusiastic in their support and that we have, in fact, had an immediate response from Sankaranarayanan Balasubramanian who has announced his contribution of Rs. 2.4 lakhs. Details of how you can donate are given in the following page.

In urging you to contribute to the best of your ability, I am really asking you to keep Manish’s memory alive in a cause that will help our students cope with this increasingly inter-linked and globalised world.

Do not hesitate to write if you need any more information.

With best wishes from all of us here at Materials Engineering,
Yours sincerely,
Abinandanan TA

(Please send a copy of your transaction details to Materials Engineering
( so that we can ensure proper crediting
of the funds to the fund.)

Cheques payable to “The Registrar, IISc (Manish Narayan Memorial Award)” may be sent to The Chairman, Department of Materials Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012. Wire transfer details are given below:

Name of institution: Indian Institute of Science
Name of Bank: State Bank of India, IISc Branch, Bangalore 560012, India
Account Name: Registrar, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560012
Account Number: 317 280 981 70
Swift Code: SBI NIN BB 425
MICR Code: 560002020
IFSC Code Number: SBIN 000 2215
IISc PAN Number: AAATI 1501 J
IISc TAN Number: BLRI 00710D

Donations from Indian citizens will attract Tax relief to the extent of 100% of the donation without limit under section  35(i)(ii) OR sec 80G(2)(a)(iiif).

Donations in the US will attract tax relief if they are made to “IISc Alumni Association of North America (AANA)”, and sent to
897 Independence Ave, 4 C, Mountain View, CA 94043 (please specify that it is to be sent to Chairman, Materials Engineering for the Manish Narayan Fund and send us a copy of your correspondence)

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