Discussion meeting and seminar on EBSD (16th April 2015)

Dear All,

A daylong discussion meeting and seminar will be held on 16th April
(Thursday) in Materials Engineering Department Lecture Theatre. Dr. Stuart
Wright from EDAX will conduct the meeting and deliver the seminar.
The schedule is as follows:

9:30-10:30: Introduction to EBSD
10:30-10:45: Tea Break
10:45-11:30: Orientation Precision at Grain Boundaries

11:30-12:30: Interaction session
15:30-16:30: Strain measurement studies from EBSD
16:30-16:45: Tea Break
16:45-17:30: PRIAS – Pattern Region of Interest Analysis System EBSD –
Transmission EBSD or also known as Transmission
Kikuchi Diffraction(TKD)

17:30-18:30: Interaction session

About the speaker:
Dr. Stuart Wright did his Ph.D. from Yale University. His thesis research
focused on automating the EBSD technique, which led to the first fully
automated EBSD scans in 1991. After graduating, Stuart joined Los Alamos
National Lab and continued work in micro-texture and texture analysis. Dr.
Wright then joined TSL, now EDAX. Stuart is closely involved in the
continued development of the technique, as well as applying the technique
to their materials’ research.

All are welcome

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