Guidelines for Choosing Courses

For the August-2014 semester, here are the guidelines for choosing your courses.

ME students:

The ME students must take 32 credits in two semesters. The break up is as follows: Core (8 credits), Soft Core (9 credits from a list of courses)
and Electives (15 credits, of which 9 credits must be from Materials courses). The courses in the August-2014 semester are broken up into these categories as follows:

  1. MT 202 (3:0)Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  2. MT 241 (3:0) Structure and Characterization of Materials
Soft Core
  1. MT 203 (3:0) Materials Design and Selection
  2. MT 209 (3:0) Defects in Materials
  3. MT 245 (3:0) Transport Processes in Process Metallurgy
  4. MT 253 (3:0) Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
  5. MT 260 (3:0) Polymer Science and Engineering I
  6. MT 271 (3:0) Biomaterials Science and Engineering

  1. MT 218 (2:1) Modelling and Simulations in Materials Engineering<
  2. MT 235 (3:0) Corrosion Technology

Note: For students without a background in materials engineering and allied fields. MT 250 (3:0) is an additional (hard) core course.

PhD and MSc(Engg) students:

  1. You choose your courses after consulting your thesis adviser.

  2. In addition, if you do not have a BE or BTech degree in metallurgy, you must register for MT 250 (3:0) – Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering. However, it will not count towards your RTP, the Research Training Programme.