All technical sessions of the conference will be held at Satish Dhawan Auditorium, located within the beautiful campus of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, during July 4-5, 2019.

Bangalore is a beautiful city and well connected directly with most of the international and domestic destinations. The Institute is known as "Tata Institute" to the locals. It is better to use the name "Tata Institute" with the taxi, auto-rickshaw drivers, and bus conductors. The institute is located between Malleswaram and Yeswantpura.

Reaching IISc from the Airport:

IISc is about 35 kilometer (22 miles) from the airport (both domestic and international). Prepaid taxi service is available from the airport. The fare to IISc would be approximately ₹ 900. Shuttle bus services are available from the airport. The A/C bus fare is around ₹ 300. You can take buses to either Mekhri Circle or Malleshwaram. IISc is around 2 kilometer from these bus stops and you may take an auto to reach IISc from these bus stops. The fare for the auto would be around INR 30. Alternatively, you can take bus no. KIA 10 from the airport that directly passes by IISc. A stop can be requested at "Tata Institute".

Reaching IISc from the City Railway Station / Majestic Bus Stand:

The main city railway station in Bangalore is called KSR Bengaluru (SBC) which is about 7 km from IISc. The railway station and the main bus stand (called as Majestic) are opposite to each other. Pre-paid taxi and auto-rickshaw facility is available at the Bangalore City Railway Station, near platform number 1. You could tell the person at the counter that you are travelling to Tata Institute. A trip to IISc may cost about ₹ 120 by an auto. Travel by auto-rickshaws between 22:00 hours and 06:00 hours will cost 50% more. You can also use the bus services from platform Number 22 of Majestic bus station:
Bus Route nos. 252-E, 258-C, 271-E, 273-C, 275, 99-A and 99-B. Alight at TATA INSTITUTE Bus Stop.

Reaching IISc from Cantontment Railway Station:

Another important railway station in Bangalore is Cantontment Railway Station, also known as Bangalore Cantt. The distance from this station to IISc is almost same as the Bangalore City railway station and it also has prepaid auto-rickshaw facility. You can also use the bus services from the bus stop just opposite to the station. Route Nos. 94-A and 94-E, 252-A, 270-A, 272, 276-A.

Reaching IISc from Yeshwanthpur Railway Station:

Yeshwanthpur is yet another important railway station in Bangalore which is very close to IISc. There are two entrances to this station (one through Yeswanthpur Market, and the other via Tumkur Road). The auto-rickshaw ride from Yeshwanthpur to IISc will cost around ₹ 30 from the Market entrance (Platform 1), and around ₹ 40 from the Tumkur Road entrance (Platform 6). Prepaid auto-rickshaw facility is also available near the Tumkur Road entrance.