Graduates PhD 2010-19


Santonu Ghosh
(Prof. A.H Chokshi)
Grain boundary processes in high temperature densification and deformation of nanocrystalline Zirconia

Chirantan Ghosh
(Dr. Aloke Paul)
A Physico-chemical Approach in Binary Solid –State Interdiffusion

Indrani Sen
(Prof. U Ramamurty)
Mechanical Behavior of B-Modified Ti-6A1-4V Alloys

M J N V Prasad
(Prof. A.H. Chokshi)
Microstructural Evolution and Superplasticity in Electrodeposited Nano-Nickel and Alloys

Nilesh Prakash Gurao
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Some critical issues pertaining to deformation texture in close-packed metals and alloys: The effect of grain size, strain rate and second phase

Somjeet Biswas
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Evolution of Texture and Microstructure during processing of Pure Magnesium and the Magnesium alloy AM30

Arindam Paul
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
The Processing, Consolidation the Deformation Behavior of Bulk Amorphous Al2O3-Y2O3 Ceramics


P. Rames Narayanan(ERP)
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
A Study of Crystallographic Texture, Residual Stresses and Mechanical Property Anisotropy in aluminium Alloys for Space Applications

(Prof. M.K. Surappa & Prof. A.H. Chokshi)
Magnesium Matrix – Nano Ceramic Composites by In situ Pyrolysis of Organic Precursors in a Liquid Melt

R. Krishnan(ERP)
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Investigations on the properties of TiN, NbN thin films and multilayers by Reactive pulsed laser deposition

K. Eswara Prasad
(Prof. U. Ramamurty)
Plastic deformation during indentation of crystalline and amorphous materials

Rajdip Mukherjee
(Prof. T.A. Abinandanan)
Phase Field Modelling of Polycrystalline Materials with Surface

Soma Prasad
(Prof. Aloke Paul)
Interdiffusion Studies in Metal –Silicon Systems

Divya V.D
(Prof. Aloke Paul & U. Ramamurty)
Diffusion studies on systems related to Nickel based syperalloys


S. Anandhakumar
(Prof. Ashok M Raichur)
Intelligent Microcontainers: Fabrication, Characterization and Tunable Release Properties for Drug Delivery

Shibayan Roy
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Role of Boron on the Evolution ofMicro-structure and Texture in Ti-6AL-4V-O. 1B Alloy

Anil Chandra A.R
(Prof. M.K. Surappa /Prof. Ashok M. Raichur)
Microstructure and mechanical Properties of Consolidated Mgnesium Chips

D. Sivaprahasam (ERP)
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay. R. Sundararajan (Orgn)
Studies on synthesizing Fe and Fe-Cu nanopowders byInvitational gas condensation process and theirConsolidation characteristics

B. Vasanthakumar
(Prof. S. Subramanian)
Studies on the Isolation and Characterisation of Bioreagents for the Flotation of Sphalerite fromGalena- sphalerite System

(Prof. K.T. Jacob)
Studies on Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria of Selected Oxide Systems

Sanjay Kashyap
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
(Stuides on Bulk and Multilayer Composites ofNb-Si Alloys

Ashish Jain (ERP)
Prof. G.S. Gupta & S.Anthonysamy (IGCAR)
Characterization of elemental boron synthesized byElectrolytic method

Suresh K.S
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Evolution of Texture and Microstructure in Some NiTi Based Alloys and Their Impact on Shape Memory Behavior


PrasathBabu R.
(KarthikeyamS. )
Microstructural stability of fully lamellar and Duplex γ TiAl alloys during creep

Nisha Verma
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Mechanism and modeling of contact damage in ZrN-Zr and TiAIN-TiN multilayer hard coatings

Dibyendu Chakravarty (ERP)
(Atul H Chokshi& A. sundarajan (ARCI)
Densification Mechanisms for Spark Plasma Sintering in Alumina and alumina Based systems

MithunPalit (ERP)
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay & S. Pandian (DMRL)
An investigation on the effect of structural and Microstructure Attributes on magnetostriction of Tb-Dy-Fe and Fe-Ga alloys

Md. ZafirAlam (ERP)
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram & Dipak K.Das (DRDO) Samir V (DRDO)
Tensile Behavior Of Free-Standing Pt-Aluminide(PtA) bond Coats

Vyasa VikasaShastry
(Prof. U. Ramamurty)
Some Processing and Mechanical Behaviour RelatedIssues in Ti-Ni based Shape Memory Alloys

Chandan Mondal
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
Evolution of Texture and its Correlation with Microstructure and Mechanical Property Anisotropy in AA7010 Aluminum Alloy.

Swathi S.K.
(Prof. Praveen C Ramamurthy)
Thiophene Derivative Photovoltaics: Device Frabrication, Optimization and Study of Charge Transport Characteristics


Praveena M
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Design, Fabrication and Application of In situ Total Internal Reflection (TIR) Raman Tribometer For the Chemical analysis of Tribological Systems

Ranjith K
(Praveen C Ramamurthy)
Design and Synthesis of Band GAP Engineered Conjugated Molecules for Organic electronics

(Prof. U. Ramamurty& D Sivakumar (VSSC)
Effect of Li Addition on the Plasticity of AZ31 Mg-alloy

Rohini Garg
(Rajeev Ranjan)
Structural, ferroelectric, piezoelectric andphase transition studies of lead free (Na0.5BiO.5)TiO3 based ceramics

ShyamKanta Sinha
(Pofr. K. Chattopadhyay , Chandan Srivastava & Prof. S. Sampath (IPC)
Synthesis and TransformatinofAUCu Intermetallic Nanoparticles

Satyajit Gupta
( Praveen C Ramamurthy & Prof. M. Giridhar, (CH)
Development of Hybrid Organic/Inorganic composites as a Barrier Material for organic Electronics

Manish Patel
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram & V.V. Bhanu Prasad, DMRL
Densification, Oxidation, Mechanical and Thermal Behaviour of Zirconium Diboride (ZrB2) and Zirconium Diboride-Silicon Carbide (ZrB2-SiC) Composites

Hindol Bandyopadhyay
(Prof. S. Karthikeyan )
Effect of Processing and test variables on the deformation characteristics of tantalum

Soupitak Pal
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Microstructural Developments and Mechanical Properties of Electroless Ni-B Coating

Nagamani Jaya B
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Micro-scale fracture testing of graded (Pt,Ni)Al bond coats

Rajendra Kurapati
(Prof. Ashok M Raichur)
Investigation of Graphene Oxide based Multilayered Capsules Films for Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Applications

Sudha J
(Prof. Subodh Kumar)
Effect of heat treatment and modification on flow and fracture behavior of a newly developed Al-Si based cast alloy

Pradipta Ghosh
(Prof. Atul H Chokshi)
Length Scale effects in deformation of polycrystalline nickel

Soumitra Roy
(Prof. Aloke Paul)
Interdiffusion Study In group IVB, VB and VIB refractory metal-silicon systems

Gaurav Singh
(Prof. U. Ramamurty)
Some Mechanical Properties of Ti-6AI-4V-B alloys

Krishna R
(Prof. Ashok M Raichur)
Design & Fabrication of Bio-responsive Drug Carriers Based on Protamine & Chondroitin Sulphate Biopolymers

R.K. SidharadaDevarapalli
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
Synthesis and Characterization of Intermetallic Coatings by Laser Cladding and Novel Ball Milling Approach

Shailesh Kumar
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay) & Prof. Pradip Dutta (ME)
Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Friction Welding of Thixocast A356 Aluminium alloy

Tomoghna Chakrabarti
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Study on Reactive Hot Pressing of Zirconium Carbide

KirtimanDeo Malviya
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
Synthesis and study of microstructure evolution in nanoparticles of immiscible alloys by laser ablation under liquid medium

Alex Joseph
(Prof. S. Subramanian & Prof. Praveen C Ramamurthy)
Synthesis and Characterization of Functionalized Electroactive Polymers for Metal ion Sensing

Madhavan R
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Role of stacking fault energy on texture evolution in micro and nano-crystalline Nickel –Cobalt alloys


Chadra Sekhar Tiwar
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
Microstructural, Mechanical and Oxidation behavior of Ni-Al-Zr Ternary Alloy

R. Lakshmi Narayan
(Prof. Ramamurty U)
Fracture and deformation in bulk metallic glasses and composites

Dulal Chandra Jana (ERP)
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay & G. Sundarajan (ARC))
Dense and porous Silicon Carbide Ceramics Processed through Aqueous gelcasting and Studies of Densification kinetics

Soumya S Bhat
(Prof. U. Ramamurty& Umesh V Waghmare)
First-Principles Studies of Point Defects and phase transformations in materials

Midhun Ben Thomas
(Prof. Ashok M. Raichur& Prof. V. Nagaraja (MC)
Therapeutic Applications of Biodegradable Chitosan Based Polyelectrolyte Nanocapsules

Rama Krushna Sabat
(Prof. Satyam Suwas)
Evolution of microstructure and texture during severe plastic deformation of a Magnesium – Cerium alloy

Rajesh Korla
(Prof. Atul H Chokshi)
Grain Boundary Sliding in Bicrystals: Experiments and Atomistic Simulations

R. Rajasegaran
(Prof. Ashok M Raichur)
Biodegradable Polyelectrolyte Multilayered Nanocapsules as Carrier for Liver Targeted Gene Delivery in ice and Magnetic Field Enhanced Anticancer Drug Delivery against Drug Resistant Cancers

(Prof. K. Chattopahdyay& (Retired) Prof. Subodh Kumar)
Improving high temperature strength of 2219 Al alloy by minor alloying additions

Olu Emmanuel Femi
(Prof. K. Chattopahdyay& (Retired) Prof. N Ravishankar
Microstructure Design and Interfacial Effects on Thermoelectric Properties of Bl-Sb-Te System.


Lalitha K.V.
(Prof. Rajeev Ranjan)
Correlattion Between Structure, Microstructure and Enhanced piezoresponse around the Morohotropic phase Boundary of Bismuth Scandate – Lead Titanate piezoceramic

Sreeranjini P
(Prof. Ashok M. Raichur )
Hyaluronic Acid based Biodegradable polyelectrolyte Nanocapsules ad modified Protein Nanoparticles for Targeted Delivery Anticancer Agents

Ajay Kumar Kalyani
(Prof. Rajeev Ranjan)
Electric field Driven Structural Transformations in BaTiO3 andlead zirconatetitanate (PZT) based Piezoceramics

Badari Narayana Rao
(Prof. Rajeev Ranjan)
Influence of electric field on the global and local structure in ferroelectric ceramic Na1/2 Bi1/2TiO3 and its solid solutions withBaTiO3 and K1/2Bi1/2TiO3

N. Venkatesh
(Prof. Chandan Srivastava)
Nanoparticles for Bio-Imaging Magnetic Resonance Imagingand Fluorescence Imaging

Divyasree C Prabhakaran
(Prof. S. Subramanian)
Bioremediation of Chromium: Mechanisms and Biosensing Applications

Surendra Kumar M
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay & Prof. Subodh Kumar
In Improvement of high temperature strength of Al and Co alloy by L12 type coherent precipitates

Dhanalakshmi P
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay & Chandan Srivastava
Synthesis and phase transformation studies of AL45Mn55 ferromagnetic Heusler alloy

P. Padaikathan(SR)
Prof. K. Chattopadhyay
Development of HighTemperature Aluminium Alloys through Microstructure Control

R.Veerababu (ERP)
Prof.S. Karthikeyan & Prof.R. Balamurali
Microstructural studies onHigh Cr-Mo secondary hardening ultra- high strength steels

Prof.Rajeev Ranjan
On the Factors InfluencingThe Stability of Phases in the Multiferroic System BiFeO3-PbTiO3

Ashwini N. Mallya
Prof.PraveenC Ramamurthy
Design and Fabrication ofConjugated Molecule based Resistive sensor for environmental monitoring detectingtargetedAnalytes.

Prof.PraveenC Ramamurthy
Moisture Barrier PolymerNanocomposites for organic device encapsulation

Prof.Dipankar Banerjee
Effect of Thermomechanicalprocessing on microstructure and microtextureevolution in Titaniumalloys

Evolutionof CrystallographicTextureandMicrostructure in SputterDeposited NiMnGaThinFilms andTheirInfluence onMagneticProperties

Prof.Dipankar Banerjee
EffectProcessParameters on theGrowth N-polarGaNon SapphirebyMOCVD

Mapping thetransientmorphologies and demixingbehavior of Polystyrene/ Poly(vinyl methylether)blend inthepresence ofmultiwall carbonnanotubes

Bioremediationof Lead fromAqueous Solutionsusing Pseudomonas species- Mechanisms &Biosensor

Diffusion-controlledgrowth ofA15-based Nb3Sn

K.S. Vinay (MSc)
Prof. Dipankar Banerjee
Micro structural Evolution of Directionally Solidified No-Al-Re/Ru Alloys

Sowmya M.V
Prof. S. Subramanian
Studies on bioremediation of Cr (VI) using indigenous bacterials strains isolated from chromite mine

Arun D
Prof. Praveen C Ramamurthy
Interface Engineering and Evaluation of Device performance in Organic photovoltaics

Khadija Kanwal Khanum
Praveen C Ramamurthy
Morphological Architecturing of Electroactive Materials inorganic Electronics

Sachin Kumar B
Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee
Engineering bioactive and Multifunctional grapheme polymer composites for bone tissue regeneration

Saurabh Dixit
Prof. K. Chattopadhyay &Prof. Satish V Kailas
Study of Development of Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Composites using Friction Stir Processing

Gunjal Vilas Vishnu
Prof. K. Cjhattopadhyay& Prof. Dipankar Banerjee
Microstructural. Mechanical and Oxidation behavior of Ni-Al-Zr intermetallic Eutectic Alloys

George Rapheal
Prof. Subodh Kumar
Corrosion and wear behavior of plasma electrolytic oxidation and laser surface alloy coatings


Suman Sarkar
Prof. K Chattopadhyay (Retired) Prof. Chandan Srivastava
Development of New High Strength Alloy in Cu-Fe-Si System through rapid solidification

Atanu Chaudhuri
Prof. Satyam Suwas
Hot deformation behaviour of some refractory metals and alloys

Joshi Chaitanya Amol
Prof. T A Abhinandanan
Destabilisation and failure of cylindrical nanopores: A phase field study

Maya Kini K
Prof. A H Chokshi
Interfacial processes in densification of cubic zirconia

Mithipati Siva Bhaskar
Prof. T A.Abhinandanan
Precipitate Growth and Coarsening in Ternary Alloys

Piyush Vijay Jagtap
Prof. Praveen Kumar
Whisker Growth from Electrodeposited Sn Coatings

HimalayBasumatary (ERP)
Prof. Rajeev Ranjan J.AroutChelvane (Orgn)
Structure,Microstructure and Magnetic Properties of Fe-Ga and R-Fe based Magnetostrictive Thin Films

AllwinEbinesar J.S
Prof. Subramanian S
Bioremediation of zinc using Pseudomonas species. Mechanistic studies and biosensing applications

Adrash K Hegde
Prof. Vikram Jayaram
Dry sliding wear of Saffil short fibre – reinforced AZ91D Mg –alloy composite

V. Ezhilselvi
Prof. Subramanian S
Development of corrosion protective coating systems for AZ31B magnesium alloy

Pawar Shital Patangrao
Prof. Suryasarathi Bose
EMI Shielding Materials Derived from Pc/SAN Blends Containing Engineered Nanoparticles

Suryawanshi Jyoti Balaji
Prof. U. Ramamurty
Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Selective Laser melted Alloys

Sumanth G
Prof. Vikram Jayaram
Effect of humidity and temperature on wear of TiN and TiAIN coatings

Prof. Ashok M Raichur
Nanostructured toughening agents for tetrafunctional epoxy composites


Agrawal Priyanka Kantibhai
Prof. Dipankar Banerjee
Dynamic Strain Aging and Creep in near-a ti Alloy, IMI834

Varun Arvind Baheti
Prof. Aloke Paul & Praveen Kumar
Diffusion – Controlled Growth of phases in Metal-tin Systems Related to Microelectronics Packaging

Prof. T.A. Abhinandanan
Theoretical and numerical study of microstructure formation in multi-component alloys

Dipak Kumar Khatua
Prof. Rajeev Ranjan
Insights into the influence of electric fled on the Structural evolution and its correlation with the Properties in the lead-based BiSc03-pbTio3 and the lead-free Na0.5 bi0.5 ti03 based Piezoceramics

Y. Raghupathy
Prof. Chandan Srivastava
Nano surface Modification for anti-corrosive and Anti-Biofouling applications

Prof. Karthikeyan S
Effect of copper on strength of Super304H austenitic stainless steel

Udayagiri Sai Babu
Prof. Karthikeyan S
Atomistic Simulation of Grain Boundary Effects on Cascade Damage in Vanadium

Venkata Vamsi Koruprolu
Prof. S. Karthikeyan S
Planar Fault Energies in L2 Compounds

Kaustubh Venkatraman
Prof. Vikram Jayaram
Testing Methodologies for Porbing Site Specific Fatigue Response of Graded Coatings

Senthilkumar S (ERP)
Prof. Vikram Jayaram
Studies on Internal Reforming Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee &Prof. Satyam Suwas
Nanoscale surface engineering of metallic biomaterials for enhancement of mechanical and biological responses

Gopakumar P (ERP)
Prof. Vikram Jayaram &Krish Sridhar (Orgn)
Influence of surface topography and tribosystem on reciprocating friction in sparsely lubricated contacts

Prof. Satyam Suwas
Evolution of Microstructure and Texture in Manganese Steels

Sai Rama Krishna Meka
Prof. Kaushik Chatterjee
Engineering Bioactive Polymer / Ceramic Composite Nanofibrous Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Regeneration

Deepak Sharma
Prof. Praveen Kumar
Synergistic Effect of Electromagnetic Forces on the Failure of pre-Cracked Thin Metallic Conductors

Sabyasachi Saha (ERP)
Prof. Dipankar Banerjee & Dr. K. Muraleedharan(Org)
TEM Characterization of Microstructural Evolution of GaN growth by MOCVD on c-Sapphire

Prof. Atul H Chokshi
Synthesis, Microstructural Stability and High Temperature Deformation of Alumina-carbon Nanotube Composites

Sambit bapari
Prof. Atul H Chokshi
The role of polymer phase on rigidity percolation of ABS-Spherical nickel microparticles composites

Raut Devaraj Krishna
Prof. U. Ramamurty
Studies on Fracture in Ductile Bulk Metallic Glasses

Arul Varaman
Prof. Praveen C Ramamurthy
Organic – Inorganic Hybrid photovoltaics; Interface Engineering, Fabrication and Characterization

More Abhishek Mukund (QIP)
Prof. Satyam Suwas
Effect of processing on texture and microstructure in Aluminium – Lithium alloys and its consequences on mechanical properties

Abishek Sharma
Prof. K Chattopadhyay, Prof. D Banerjee & Prof. T A Abinandanan
An evaluation of mechanical behaviour of some new high temperature alloys

Rani Rohini
Prof. Suryasarathi Bose
Electromagnetic interference shielding materials derived from epoxy based nanocomposites

Goutam Prasanna Kar
Prof. Surayasarathi Bose
Structure-Property Correlation in $inary Immiscible Polymer Blends Compatibilized by Mutually Miscible Homopolymer and Carbonaceous Nanoparticles

Mulualem Abebe Mekonnen
Prof. Rajeev Ranjan
Structure-Property Correlation Studies on Ca-modified Ba(Ti, Zr/Sn)O3 ceramics

Vinila N V
Prof. Praveen C Ramamurthy
Architecting conjugated molecules for band gap engineering and photostability

Chandra Shekhar P
Prof. Subodh Kumar & Prof. Satyam Suwas
Development of wrough Mg-Li based alloys with improved strength and ductility


Biswaranjan Dash
Prof. Karthikeyan S
Strain hardening in extruded pure Magnesium

Punit Kumar
Prof. Ashok M Raichur & Prof. U. Ramamurty
Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of a 3D Printed titanium Alloy

Shalini Roy Koneru
Prof. Dipankar Banerjee Prof. T.A. Abinandanan
Modelling Chemistry and Structure of Concentrated Alloys at the Atomic Scale

Narayan Bastole
Prof. Rajeev Ranjan
Novel Phenomena Associated with giant tetragonality in the ferroelectric BiFeO3 – PbtTiO3 system