Graduates PhD 2000-09


B. Srinivasa Rao
(Vikram Jayaram)
Pressureless infiltration of A1-Mg based alloys into Al2O3 preforms

R. Sankarasubramanian
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Symmetry – breaking transitions in equilibrium shapes of coherent precipitates


P. Shankar
(S. Ranganathan and Baldev Raj, IGCAR)
Thermal aging effects in nuclear grade 316LN austenitic stainless steels

Prajina Bhattacharya
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Synthesis, morphology and phase transformation of the metallic embedded nanoparticles and multilayers

Anandh Subramaniam
(S. Ranganathan)
Metastable phases in Mg-based alloys

Kirity Bhusan Khan
(M.K. Surappa and C. Ganguly, BARC)
Processing and characterization of B4C particle reinforced Al-5% Mg alloy matrix composites

V.S. Srinivasan
(D.H. Sastry and K. Bhanu Sankara Rao, IGCAR)
Strain controlled low cycle fatigue and creep-fatigue interaction behaviour of a type 316L(N) stainless steel

R. Venkatesan
(E.S. Dwarakadasa and M. Ravindran, NIOI)
Studies on corrosion of some structural materials in deep sea environment

Sandip Bysakh
(K.C. Chattopadhyay and P.K. Das, I.P.C.)
Pulsed laser ablation deposition of intermetallic thin films: A study of evolution of metastable phases and ultrafine microstructures

Ashutosh Suresh Gandhi
(Vikram Jayaram)
The processing of bulk metastable amorphous and nanocrystalline ZrO2 – Al2O3 ceramics by pressure consolidation of amrophous powders

R. Divakar
(S. Ranganathan and V.S. Raghunathan, IGCAR)
Interfaces in quasicrystalline and nanocrystalline materials: Quasicrystalline, Al-cu-Fe and Al-Pd-Mn alloys and nanocrystalline titanium, palladium and thorium dioxide


Viji Varghese
(K. Chattopadhyay)
A study of the role of mechanical energy on the kinetics of reactions and transformations in the solid state

V.V. Balasubrahmanyam (QIP)
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad and A.H. Chokshi)
Hot deformation mechanisms and microstructural characterization in (a+b) and b titanium alloys ( Ti-5.5Al-1Fe, Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al, Ti-10V-4.5Fe-1.5Al and Ti-6.8Mo-4.5Fe-1.5Al )

D. Santhiya
(K.A. Natarajan and S. Subramanian)
Investigation into the surface chemistry of galera, sphalerite and sulphur minerals using Thiobacillus thiooxidans and Bacillus polymyxa

G.S. Avadhani (SR)
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad and A.H. Chokshi)
Hot deformation mechanisms and microstructural evolution during upset forging of g-Fe, Fe, Fe-5Ni, Fe-5Co & Fe-5Mo alloys and maraging steel

Bijoysri Khan (ER)
(Kishore and B. Viswanath
Buffer strips in carbon-epoxy system and their influence on the mechanical behaviour and macroscopic features in dry and wet state

Satyabodh M. Kulkarni (QIP)
Processing, microstructural and mechanical behaviroal aspects of Fly ash-epoxy composites

Gandham Phani Kumar
(K. Chattopadhyay and P. Dutta (ME)
Experimental and Computational Studies of Laser Processing of Dissimilar Metals

Abha Kumari
(K.A. Natarajan)
Electrochemical and Microbilogical Processing of Ocean Manganese Nodules to Recover Valuable Metals


Lakshmi Narayan Satapathy
(A.H. Chokshi and B.K. Chandrasekhar.(Orgn)
Role of Second Phase in the Microstructural Development and Creep Deformation in Alumina based Composites

M. Ravi
(E.S. Dwarakadasa and B.C. Pai.(Orgn)
Re-examination of the Formation of Porosity during solidification of Aluminium Alloys

Anuradha T V
(S. Ranganathan)
Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials: TiO2, TiN & BaTiO3.


Rajashekhar Shabadi
(E.S. Dwarakadasa & Subodh Kumar)
Portevin Le- Chaterlier Effect and Formability Studies in Alluminium Alloys.

Brahmandam Sudhir
(Atul H. Chokshi)
Sintering and Rheology of Alumina Particulate Reinforced Alumino-Silicate Glass Composites

Amitava Mukherjee
(Ashok M. Raichur)
Solubilization of Cu, Co and Ni from Indian Ocean Nodules using a Marine Isolate

H. Ramanarayan
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Grain Boundary Effects on Spinodal Decomposition

Sanjit Bhowmick
(Vikram Jayaram & S.K. Biswas, M.E.)
The Nature of Contact-Induced Deformation and Fracture in TiN Films on Steel


Kay Thi Lwin
(K.T. Jacob)
Structure, Thermodynamics and Phase Relations in Selected Oxide Systems

Sibasis Acharya
(J.P. Hajra and S. Subramanian)
Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria in the Systems Involving Electronic Materials

Subrata Pal
(A.K. Lahiri)
Mathematical Model of COREX Melter Gasifier

N.R. Sathya Swaroop
(A.H. Chokshi)
Determination of Lattice and Grain Boundary Diffusivities of Cations using Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and their Application to High Temperature Deformation in a 3 mol% Yttria Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia

Madakashira Phaniraj Prabhakar
(A.K. Lahiri)
Modeling Constitutive Behavior of Steels and Simulation of Hot Strip Mill

Joysurya Basu
(S. Ranganathan)
Glass Forming Ability and Stability: Bulk Zr-based and Marginal Al-based Glasses

A.C. Niranjanappa
(E.S. Dwarakadasa, Subodh Kumar & Dr. K. Ramchand (Orgn.)
Damage Characterization Studies on the Environmentally Degraded (Short-Term Aged) Polymer Matrix Composite Materials Subjected to Single and Repeated Low-Velocity Impacts

R. Kavitha
(Vikram Jayaram)
Development and Study of Oxide Films by Combustion Flame Pyrolysis

Ranjit Bauri
(M.K. Surappa)
Processing and Characterization of Al-Li-SiCp Composites

L. Saravanan
(S. Subramanian)
Surface Chemical Studies on Oxide and Carbide Suspensions in the Presence of Polymeric Additives

Kottada Ravi Sankar
(A.H. Chokshi)
Creep and Grain Boundary Sliding in a Mg – 0.7% Alloy


M. Jeyakumar
(Subodh Kumar and Govind S. Gupta)
Optimization of Process Parameters for Spray Deposition and Analyses of Spray Deposits for 7075 Al Alloy

Sarmistha Bakshi
(Subodh Kumar)
Processing, Characterization and Mechanical Properties of Functionally Graded Materials

Sabita Sarkar
(Govind S. Gupta)
A Cold Model Study of Raceway Hysteresis

Krishanu Biswas
(K. Chattopadhyay and P.K. Das (I.P.C.)
Rapid Solidification Behaviour of Fe-Ge Intermetallics

S.P. Vijayalakshmi
(Ashok M. Raichur and M. Giridhar (C.E.)
Degradation of Water Soluble Polymers

M.P. Gururajan
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Microstructural Evolution in Elastically Inhomogeneous Systems

Victoria Bhattacharya
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Synthesis and Phase Transformation Behavior of Nano Alloys Embedded in Al


Vikrant Singh
(Govind S. Gupta)
Modeling of liquid flow in a packed bed under influence of gas flow

Subhradeep Chatterjee
(K. Chattopadhyay and T.A. Abinandanan)
Microstructure development during laser and electron beam welding of Ti/Ni dissimilar joints

Partha Patra
(K.A. Natarajan)
Microbially-induced mineral flocculation and flotation with proteins and polysaccharides isolated from Paenibacillus Polymyxa

Debdutt Patro
(Vikram Jayaram)
Kinetics of pressureless infiltration of Al-Mg alloys into Al2O3 preforms: A non-uniform capillary model

Evvie Chockalingam
(S. Subramanian)
Studies on acid production potential of some sulphide minerals and bioremediation of acid mine drainage

Chandraprabha M.N.
(K.A. Natarajan and Jayant M. Modak (Ch.E.)
Surface studies on sulphide minerals and Acidithiobacillus bacteria with respect to biobeneficiation and bioremediation


Pradeep Lancy Menezes
(Prof. Kishore and Satish V. Kailash (ME))
Role of Surface Texture on Friction and Transfer Layer Formation – A study using pin-On-Plate Sliding Tester

Radhakrishna Paniker M.R
(Prof. A.H. Chokshi)
Superplastic deformation behaviour of AZ31 Magnesium alloy

Murli P
(Prof. U. Ramamurty )
Multi- Scale approaches for Understanding Deformation and Fracture Mechanisms in Amorphous alloys

Udaya Bhat K.
(Prof. K. Chattopadhyay)
Studies on Dissimilar Metal Welding

Tripti Biswas
Prof. S. Ranganathan
Studies of Glass Formation in Al-La-Ni and Mg-TM –RE Alloys with a structure Mapping Approach

Saswata Bhattacharya
(Prof. T.A. Abinandanan)
Evolution of Multivariant Microstructures with Anisotropic Misfit A Phase Field Study

Aditi Dutta
(Prof. U. Ramamurty and Umesh V. Waghmare (JNCASR))
First Principles Study of Structure and Stacking Fault during a summer monsoon

Rejin Raghavan
(Prof. U. Ramamurty)
Effect of Free-Volume on the Fracture and Fatigue of Amorphous Alloys


Gopinath Kakkoprath (ERP)
(Prof. U. Ramamurty)
Tensile and Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Ni-Base Superalloy

L. Rangaraj (ERP)
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Reactive Hot Pressing of ZrB2 – Based Ultra High Temperature Ceramic Composites

Ashok Kumar Mondal
(Prof. Subodh Kumar)
Creep, Wear and Corrosion Behaviour of Novel Magnesium Alloys and Composites

Bhaskar Prasad Saha
(Prof. Vikram Jayaram)
Processomg of Zirconia based honeycombs and Evaluation of thermo mechanical properties