Graduates PhD 1971-79


K.S. Raman
(K.I. Vasu)
Resistometric studies of solute vacancy interactions and clustering kinetics in an FCC matrix (Al-Zn alloy with Ag, Co, Dy, Li, Nb, Pt, Sn, Y or Yb)

E.S. Dwarakadasa
(K.I. Vasu)
Resistometric studies of clustering and solute vacancy interactions in some aluminium alloys

D.H. Sastry
(K.I. Vasu)
Thermally activated deformation in CPH metals and the effect of crystal structure on the mechanism of low temperature creep in metals

Y.V.R.K. Prasad
(K.I. Vasu)
Effect of stacking fault energy, quenched-in defects and solute atoms on the low temperature deformation mechanism in FCC metals

S. Seetharaman
(K.P. Abraham)
Thermodynamic properties of some binary metal oxide solid solutions


Y.M. Faruq Marikar
(K.I. Vasu)
Electrometallurgy of the iron group metals and alloys: Studies in the fluoborate bath

Krishna Kant Prasad
(K.P. Abraham)
Thermodynamic properties of some binary metal oxide systems

K. Narasimha Murthy
(K.I. Vasu)
Resistometric studies of precipitation kinetics in aluminium-silver alloys (Al-0.2 to 0.3 Ag alloys, and Al-0.64Ag alloy with Nb, Si, Ge, Ti, Gd, Sn or Pb)


V.V.V.N.S. Ramakrishna Rao
Kinetic aspects of gas/solid reactions of metallurgical interest

Tarasankar Deb Roy
(K.P. Abraham)
Kinetic investigations on gas-solid reactions

(K.I. Vasu)
On the nature of clustering and strengthening in a quenched and aged aluminium 2% germanium alloy-resistometric, microscopic and low temperature deformation studies.

R. Chandrashekar
(K.I. Vasu)
Stress corrosion of aluminium 8% magnesium alloy (effect of nature of stress, heat treatment and trace additions of B and Be)


T.C. Kasiviswanathan
(K.I. Vasu)
Corrosion and related electrochemical studies on zirconium (in nitrate melts, nitrate fluoride melts and aqueous nitrate solutions)

H. Ravindranath Shetty
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad and K.I. Vasu)
Superplasticity and stress corrosion cracking behaviour of zinc- aluminium and copper-aluminium alloys (effect of mechanical, metallurgical and environmental factors)

V. Sivan
(G.N.K. Iyengar)
Kinetic studies on gas solid reactions of metallurgical interest


T. Hanumantha Rao
(K.I. Vasu)
Oxide-dispersed copper nickel composites and kinetics

Uppala Ratnam
(K.P. Abraham and J.P. Hajra)
Studies on electroslag melting of quality steels and nickel base alloys

Placid Rodriguez
(K.I. Vasu and M.K. Asundi, BARC )
Low temperature deformation in hard HCP metals

N.S. Srinivasan
(A.K. Lahiri)
Studies on the reduction of iron oxides by carbon

V.S. Raghunathan
(K.I. Vasu & B.B. Sharma)
Diffusion in transition metals alloys


A.K. Bhutani
(K.P. Abraham)
Studies on electroslag remelting

Ch. Virupaksha Shastry
(D.H. Sastry and K.I. Vasu)
Deformation characteristics of BCC metals

E. Elaya Perumal
(K.I. Vasu and J. Balachandra)
Stress corrosion cracking of Zr & zircaloy 2 in Ch3OH-(HCL, I2) solutions

S. Raghavan
(G.N.K. Iyengar and K.P. Abraham)
Thermodynamic investigations on binary metal oxide solutions by the solid electrolyte techniques

C.R. Vijayasimha
(K.I. Vasu and V.G. Kubair,CH )
Heat transfer of liquid metals


D. Banerjee
(K.I. Vasu)
Phase equilibria and transformations : A microstructural characteri-sation of some Ti-Al-Mo alloys containing the g – phase

N. Jayaraman
(M. Mohan Rao)
Studies on maraging and reversion to austenite in Fe-12Ni-4Mn maraging steel

A.H. Yegneswaran
(K.S. Raman)
Effect of crystallographic texture and grain size on the mechanical properties of warm worked Cd, Cd-1.5Zn and Cd-1Ag alloys

S. Ilangovan
(K.I. Vasu)
Galvanic cementation winning of copper from chalcopyrite leached with ferric chloride solution

(P.K. Rohatgi)
Preparation and properties of cast aluminium alloy-mica particle composite

N.K. Jain
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad and K.P. Abraham)
Hot working and deformation mechanism in electroslag refined materials (En 36A steel and RR 58 aluminium alloy)