Graduates ME Integrated


M.V. Balakrishnan
(S. Ranganathan)
Microstructural characterisation of laser treated Al-Cu eutectic and
Al-Co hyper-eutectic alloys

M. Matheswaran
Some studies on the thermoplastic modified epoxy based glass reinforced composites

N. Raj Mohan
(K. T. Jacob)
Application of thermodynamics to conceptual design and analysis of processes

N. Ramesh
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Study of adhesive wear in aluminium-lithium alloy 8090

R. K. Sur Chaudhury
(A. K. Lahiri)
Experimental studies on nozzle blockage phenomenon in continuous casting

H. Gopal
(Vikram Jayaram and K. Chattopadhyay)
On the estimation of binding energy of a-Al2O3

Sitakanta Hotta
(K. S. Raman)
Analysis of the fracture toughness testing procedure using short rod/bar chevron notch specimen

P. Sivakumar
(M. K. Surappa)
Fabrication of 2024 aluminium- alumina composites and their toughness evaluation by instrumented impact

S. Sanal Kumar
(Vikram Jayaram)
Aerodynamic levitation for undercooling studies on ceramics

Prashant Deepak
(R. M. Mallya)
Spray forming : Design of spray deposition laboratory unit for metal-matrix composites

V. Nagi Reddy
(D. H. Sastry)
Effect of heat treatment on the creep behaviour of an oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steel


Biswajit Tripathy
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Microstructural evolution in near eutectic Al-Co alloy

S. Kannan
(K. T. Jacob)
Thermodynamic analysis of antimony removal from copper

R. Giridhar
(M. K. Surappa)
Studies on ageing and its effect of impact fracture behaviour of 2024 Al-alumina composites

Ramkumar Viswanathan
(M. V. Bhat)
Effect of microstructure on the corrosion behaviour of SAE 4340 steel in sodium chloride solution

Bikash Ranjan Panda
(K. A. Natarajan)
Biocorrosion of stainless steel in the presence of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans

S. Arun Kumar
(R. M. Mallya)
Mechanical alloying of Al-Fe by impact milling

Jaideep Kumar Srivastava
(K. S. Raman)
Microstructural studies on Mn, Cr, Co – b phases in Al-7 Si-0.3 Mg casting alloy

S. D. Brainerd Samuel
(Vikram Jayaram)
Processing of MMCs/CMCs by directed melt nitridation

N. Sainathan
Influence of particulate graphite additions on shear related behaviour of glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites

A. B. Sunitha
(D. H. Sastry)
Creep of alloys based on Ni3Al

N. N. Viswanathan
(A. K. Lahiri)
A 2-D static model to simulate gas flow and temperature-composition profiles inside blast furnace

Fredric D Suresh
(G. N. K. Iyengar)
Influence of microstructure on the wear properties of electroslag refined EN 24 steel

S. Venkatakrishnan
(S. Ranganathan)
Fabrication and properties of carbon-carbon composites

Sriram Rangarajan
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Creep forming of precipitation hardenable aluminium alloys


C. S. Ravi
(G. N. K. Iyengar)
Simultaneous removal of sulphur and phosphorous in En – steel

B. Srinivasan
(S. Ranganathan)
Reactive sintering of Ni3Al and Ni3Al based composites to near full densities

T. Jayaprakash
(R. M. Mallya)
Mechanical alloying of Al-Fe-V-Si system and its composite for aerospace applications

R. Rajaram
(Y. V. R. K. Prasad)
Processing maps for hot Working of cadmium and cadmium – 1% zinc alloy: correlations with microstructure

S. Sankararaman
(A. K. Lahiri)
Modelling and simulation of continuous casting tundish

E. Joe Michael
(Vikram Jayaram)
Role of solute elements and alumina coated SiC particulates on

C. Rama
(K. T. Jacob)
Microscopic thermodynamics of multi-component oxide ceramics

P.V. Jagannadham Chetty
(K. S. Raman)
Effect of solidification parameters (DAS and CPUA) and heat treatment variables on mechanical properties of Al-7 Si-0.3 Mg (LM 25) cast alloy

V. V. Harsha Kumar Srivatsa
(A. K. Lahiri)
Simulation of turbulent fluid flow in continuous casting mould

S. Ramanathan
Drop weight instrumented impact tests and post-impact studies on glass/epoxy laminates

T. Sanjeev
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Investigation on possible phase formations during metatectic and peritectic reactions in Cu-Sn Alloys

P. Nagarajan
E. S. Dwarakadasa
Design of spray forming unit for MMC production

S. Ravindra Reddy
(J. P. Hajra)
Thermodynamic models of ternary systems and applications

Manish Narayan
(M. K. Surappa)
Dry sliding wear of 2024 Al-Al O metal matrix composites

P. V. Gayathri
(D. H. Sastry)
Creep behaviour of particulate reinforced 6061 Al composites


Jose Martin Korath
(A. K. Lahiri)
Computer simulation of submerged arc furnace process for production of ferro manganese

R. Sankarasubramanian
(S. Ranganathan)
Synthesis of niobium aluminides through novel processing routes

S. Muthukkaruppan
(K .S. Raman)
Semi-solid casting and forging of Al-7Si-0.3Mg alloy

B. Arun Kumar
(M. K. Surappa)
Processing and characterization of magnesium based (AZ91)-SiCp composites

L. Sridharan
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Evolution of microstructure in unidirectionally solidified zinc-lead monotectic alloy

Murali Menon
Aramid fiber reinforced epoxy composite – A tribological study

A. Sujeeth
(R. M. Mallya)
Nanophase materials: ultrasonic gas atomization and mechanical alloying

M. Divakar
(J. P. Hajra)
Thermodynamics of surfaces and adsorption in ternary systems

Subhankar Choudhury
(S. Subramanian)
Flotation studies on magnesite and serpentine

Sandeep Kumar
(Vikram Jayaram)
Role of SiC pre-oxidation and alumina coating in processing of SiC/Al2O3/Al ceramic matrix composites

Monsur Ali Mondal
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Fatigue behaviour of HE 15A aluminium alloy (Fatigue, fracture toughness, corrosion and stress corrosion studies)

N. R. Siva Kumar
(S. Subramanian)
Selective flotation of sphalerite from galena using dextrin


Arun Srinivasan
Effect of moisture on the physical and mechanical properties of glass-epoxy composites

B. Balaji
Effect of PTFE additions on the shear related behavior of Glass-epoxy composites

D. Srinivasa Murthy
(Y. V. R. K. Prasad)
Hot deformation behaviour of Al2O3/AlN/Al composite

A.N. Sudhakar
(S. Subramanian)
Thermogravimetric and vibration milling studies on leached manganese nodules

A. Saravanan
(Vikram Jayaram)
Wet processing and consolidation of SiCp – Al2O3 composites

Sibandu Mukherjee
(A. K. Lahiri)
Mathematical model of Argon-Oxygen-Decarburisation process

Bidyut Kumar Pattanayak
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Effect of silver addition on the deformation and corrosion behaviour of aluminium lithium alloy (1441)

V. S. Chandrashekar
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Spray forming of Al-Zn-Mg (7075) alloy and characterization of the resultant ingot

I. Balasubramanian
(T. A. Abinandanan)
Computational study of phase diagrams and phase transformations in binary alloys

S. Jayaram
(M. K. Surappa)
Studies on co-extrusion of SiCp reinforced aluminium matrix composites

G. Finney David
(S. Ranganathan and K. Chattopadhyay)
Directional Solidification of a ternary monotectic system: Indium-Lead-Zinc

P. Sundharajan
(M. K. Surappa)
Dry sliding wear of AZ91 Mg-SiCp metal matrix composites


(A. H. Chokshi)
A study of the mechanisms and the microstructural aspects of superplasticity in Al-33wt%Cu eutectic alloy

Sunil Khatri
(K. S. Raman and S. Seshan, ME )
Production and characterisation of squeeze cast 70 : 30 brass

P. Padma Priya
(T. A. Abinandanan and V. Jayaram)
Coarsening characteristics of Al-Al2O3 composite produced by directed metal oxidation process

V. Ganesh
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Effect of zirconium on microstructure, thermal aging and wear behaviour of the Al-Si IC engine piston alloys

Suvro Upadhyay
(S. Ranganathan)
Microstructural evolution during mechanical alloying of Ti-Ni-Al system

Balaji Venkateswaran
(J. P. Hajra)
Thermodynamic modeling of quaternary systems

R. Sesha Sayee
(S. Subramanian)
Mechano-chemical extraction of metal values from leached manganese nodules residue

S. Venkatraman
Characterization of static and dynamic behaviour of foam containing glass epoxy laminates

U. Mukund
(A. K. Lahiri)
Physical modelling of the reduction shaft of the Corex process

S. Mythreyi
(T. A. Abinandanan)
A comparison of the micro-structural evolution predicted by the nucleation theory, with a Monte Carlo experiment

V. Srinivas
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Fracture toughness and wear behaviour of high strength aluminium alloys

Surya K Bhattacharji
Influence of PTFE fillers on the strength and fracture features of glass epoxy composites

Rajive Prakash Upadhyay
(Y. V. R. K. Prasad)
A study of the hot working characteristics of the 6201 alloy using processing map


Nilanjana Bhattacharyya
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Investigation of synthesis of metallic foams by powder metallurgy route

Rakesh Misra
Deformation behavior of Al2O3/Al composite at elevated temperatures

V. Venugopalan
(A. K. Lahiri)
Corex Process: One-dimensional steady state model of melter gasifier

S. Arvind Kumar
(T. A. Abinandanan)
Spinodal Microstructures: A Monte Carlo Study

(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Deformation of large size aluminium-7010 billets modeling of the deformation behaviour

P. V. Sankaran
(E. S. Dwarakadasa)
Modeling and simulation of the deposit formation stage in spray deposition process

Keshav Kumar
Effect of filler addition on the mechanical properties of epoxy resin

K. Chitra
(Y. V. R. K. Prasad)
A study of hot deformation mechanism in copper-nickel system using processing maps

K.S. Sriram
(K. T. Jacob)
Antiferroelectric lead zirconate thin films fabricated using ion beam sputter deposited multilayer structures

R. Nanda Nandan
(S. Ranganathan)
Characterization of interfaces in discontinuously reinforced Al-Mg-Zn/SiCp and Al/Si3N4 composites

John Immanuel Paul
(S. Subramanian)
Effect of HF Pretreatment on the Mechano-chemical Extraction of copper, cobalt and nickel from leached manganese nodules residue and adsorption of copper using red mud

Rohit Shukla
(Vikram Jayaram)
Surface modification of SiC/Al2O3/Al Dimox composites and hot pressing of SiCw/Al2O3 composites


K.H. Prakash
(M.K. Surappa)
High temperature deformation behaviour of A356 alloy and A356+25 volume % SiCp composite

Pavan Kumar Suri
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Simulation and modelling to predict the effect of pitting corrosion (Aircraft alloy DTD 2024)

M. Kumar
(Vikram Jayaram)
Surface modification of Al2O3/SiCp/Al composite and hot pressing of Al2O3/SiC whiskers

Ravi Aggarwal
(Atul H Chokshi)
Compressive creep of hot-pressed Yttria

Ramashankar Singh
(A.K. Lahiri)
Corex process : One-dimensional steady state model of melter gasifier

S. Balaji
(J.P. Hajra)
Optimization of the synthesis, and dielectric spectroscopy of the relaxor ferroelectric PMN-PT

R. Balachandran
(K. Chattopadhyay
Laser surface alloying of nickel on aluminium substrate

R. Anand
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Spinodal microstructures in ternary systems – A Monte Carlo study

B. Pranava
Post-impact mechanical properties of glass-epoxy laminates

B. Anand
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Development of a novel thermomechanical treatment for DTD 7010 aircraft alloy

Shalin Garg
(K.S. Raman)
Studies on squeeze cast copper-chromium alloys

L.N. Venkataraman
(J.P. Hajra)
Thermodynamic modelling of quaternary Al-Ga-In-As system


Arnab Chaudhuri
(G.S. Gupta)
Modeling and simulation of the carburizing process under industrial conditions

T.S. Vishnukumar
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Deposition and characterization of multilayers of Bismuth and amorphous Al-Fe-Si-system by electron beam evaporation technique

Bharat Bhushan
(A.K. Lahiri)
Simulation of reduction kinetics of iron ore in reduction shaft of corex process

K.R. Balasubramanian
(V. Jayaram)
Low temperature synthesis of Yttrium aluminate powders and films via spray pyrolysis route

M. Rajesh
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Precipitation transformation in ternary systems: A Monte Carlo study

U. Arun
Drop weight instrumented impact test and post impact studies on syntactic foam core sandwich materials

Santosh Shanmukh
(A.H. Chokshi)
Cavitatation during high temperature tensile deformation of fine-grained 3mol% Yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia

L. Ram Shankar
(S.B. Krupanidhi & M.K. Surappa)
Fabrication of bismuth layered ferroelectric thin films for NVRAM applications


Santanu Goswami
(A.K. Lahiri)
Study of flow of granular solids in a reduction shaft

S. Rajneesh
(G.S. Gupta)
Mathematical modelling of stresses in the raceway region of the blast furnace

K. Easwar
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Comparative study of precipitation transformation for two different models : A Monto Carlo study

Sushil Kapoor
(Subodh Kumar)
Analysis of phases in model 1200 Al series alloys

Shashank Priya
(K.T. Jacob)
Thermodynamics of alloys : Bulk and surface)

Mainak Biswas
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Studies on reaction ball milling of aluminium and copper sulphate pentahydrate system