Graduates ME 2010-19


Aravinda Raja A
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Grain Growth in a System With Anisotropic Grain Boundary Mobility: A Monte Carlo Study

Ashwin N K Jayaraman
(U. Ramamurty)
Orientation Dependence of Mechanical Properties in Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy NiMnGa

G Hariprasad
(A.H. Chokshi)
A study of the indentation mechanical response of abalone nacre and the effect of the organic phase on its deformation across different length scales

Sangeeta Santra
(Aloke Paul)
Studies on Growth Mechanism of Nb3Sn Superconductors

Agrawal Priyanka Kantibhai
(S. Karthikeyan)
Effect of Boron Addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cast Ti-6Al-4V alloy

Proloy Nandi
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Effect of Ni addition to rapidly solidified Al-Sc binary alloy
A study of Microstructural evolution and Mechanical Properties

G Praveen
(Subodh Kumar)
Effect of Addition of Sc and mg to 2219 Al alloy

Pankaj Kumar
(Satyam Suwas)
Processing-Microstructure-Texture relationship in Interstitial Free (I F) steel, Pearlitic steel and Twin Induced Plasticity (TWIP) steel

K Mageshwari
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Phase Field Study of Solute Drag Effects on Grain Growth

G Kannan
(Satyam Suwas)
Processing – Microstructure – Property Relationship in Mg/SiCp and AZ91/SiCp Composites

Anindya Roy
(Vikram Jayaram)
Oxidation Behaviour of ZrCx-ZrB2-SiC Ultra High Temperature Ceramics

Nondo Doka
(G.S. Gupta)
Determination of Temperature and Time for the Processing of Boron Carbide Through Carbothermal Route

P Arun Dinesh
(Satyam Suwas)
Accumulative Roll Bonding of Similar and Dissimilar A1/Zn/Mg

Appala Raju Kaki
(Rajeev Ranjan)
Structure and Phase Transition of (1-x) BiFeO3-xPbTiO3 and (1-x)BiFeO3-xPbTi (1-y)ZryO3

Deepa J
(S. Subramanian)
Bioremediation of Copper and Zinc

R Rama Krishnan
(Praveen C. Ramamurthy)
Simulating Polymers For Best Encapsulant Materials

Bidhan Chandra Mondal
(Subodh Kumar)
Effect of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation Coatings and laser Surface Alloying on Microstructure and Wear of MRI 230D Magnesium Alloy

Agnish Ghosh
(S. Subramanian)
Studies on Bioremediation of Chromium


Debashish Das
A.H. Chokshi
Electrodeposited Nano And Electropolished Micro Nickel Wires: Synthesis And Mechanical Properties

A.H. Chokshi
High Temperature Deformation Study Of Ultra Fine Grained Nickel

Joshi Sri Raghunath
S. Karthikeyan
Factors Affecting Extension Twinning In Magnesium Alloys.

Pikee Priya
S. Karthikeyan
A First Principles Study Of Al3sc1-Xzrxtype Precipitates In Al Alloys.

Dharm Jeet Gavel
S. Subramanian
Effect Of Particle Size On Flotation

Sajal Hatwal
Satyam Suwas
Effect Of Severe Plastic Deformation On Microstructure, Texture And Mechanical Properties Of Pearlitic Steel.

Aviral Madhup
Rajeev Ranjan
Processing – Texture – Property Relationship In Some Wrought Mg-Alloys Processed By The Principle Of Accumulative Roll Bonding.

Arka Lahiri
T.A. Abinandanan
Spinodal Decomposition In Epitaxially Grown Thin Films.

Joshi Chairanya Amol
T.A. Abinandanan
Phase Field Modeling Of Discontinuous Spinodal Decomposition.

Shamiparna Das
Rajeev Ranjan
Search For High Curie Temperature Piezoelectric Solid Solution.

Manjesh Kumar Singh
Vikram Jayaram
Simulation And Validation Of Roll-Separating Force And Limiting Reduction In Cold Rolling.

Haider Ali
Vikram Jayarm
Nickel – Kaolin Composite Coatings For Self-Lubrication.

Abir Bhattacharya
U. Ramamurty
Strain Rate Sensitivity Of A Bulk Metallic Glass In Different Structural States And At Different Temperatures.

Prince Shaival Singh
U. Ramamurty
Effect Of Processing Routes, Strain Rate And Temperature On Mechanical Properties Of Bulk Metallic Glass Composites.

Jai Prakash
K. Chattopadhyay
Study Of Sliding Friction Induced Subsurface Deformation Of Crystalline (Al) And Quasicrystalline (Al65cu15co20) Material.

Kundan Kumar
Study Of Microstructures And Oxidation Behaviour Of Ni-14a1-10zr Ternary Alloy.

Manu S. Mohan
Subodh Kumar
Development Of Mg-Si Based Cast Alloys With Improved Strength.

Sambit Bapari
Subodh Kumar
Optimization Of Processing Routes For 2219scmg Developed For High Temperature Applications.

Avik Mondal
Aloke Paul
Interdiffusion Study In Fe-Pt System.

Mishra Sumeet Ravishankar
Praveen C. Ramamurthy
Organic Device Architecturing By Electrospinning Of Conducting Polymers.

Monalisa Bai
Praveen C. Ramamurthy
Structural Characterization Of Electroactive Organic Crystals For Photovoltaic Application.

Sanghita Mridha
Dipankar Banerjee
Characterization Of Cast Ni Based Superalloy.

M.D. Sajid Hussain
Dipankar Banerjee
Globularization Of A Near Α Titanium Alloy.

Bhaskar Sravan Vadlamani
Rajeev Ranjan
Structural, Dielectric And Ferroelectric Studies In (1-X)Bi(Mg0.5ti0.5)O3-(X)Pbzro3 Systems

R. Harini
S. Subramanian
Remediation Of Arsenic Form Aqueous Solutions

Prince Raj
G.S. Gupta
Optimisation Of Temperature For The Production Of Silicon Carbide Via Carbothermal Route.

Prafull Pandey
K. Chattopadhyay
Effects Of Minute Additions Of Ternary Elements (Ni, Cu And Fe) On The Morphology And Solidification Behavior Of The Sn-Zn Eutectic Alloy

Deepak Kumar Mishra
Praveen C. Ramamurthy
Fabrication Of Metal Electrodes For Organic Electronic Devices

Nachiketa Ray
Stayam Suwas
Response To Shock Wave Deformation In Aa5086 Aluminium Alloy

Kamal Nayan Goswami
Dipankar Banerjee
A First Principles Study Of The Effect Of Composition On Lattice Parameters In Ni-Base Superalloys

Subham Mridha
S. Karthikeyan
A First Principles Study Of The Effect Of Alloying On Slip In Magnesium

Nilesh Hansraj Warthi
Strength In Nickel Microwaves

Santosh Kumar
B.V. Narayana / S. Subramanian
Studies On The Dissolution Of Uranium From A Syenite Ore

Brij Mohan Mundotiya
Chandan Srivastava
Phases And Morphologies In Electodeposited Ag-Ni Film And Nano- Sized Particles

Krishna Kumar
Ashok M. Raichur
Synthesis Of Stable Nano Zero Valent Iron (Nzvi) Particles And Application For Environmental Remediation

Prakash Sarkar
Ashok M. Raichur
Preparation And Mechanical Properties Of Nanoparticle Embedded Polymer Films

Varun Arvind Baheti
Aloke Paul & R. Ravi
Interdiffusion Stuidesin Binary Co-Ta System And Ternary Co(Ni)-Ta, Co(Ni)-Nb And Fe (Ni)-Nb Systems

Zita Zachariah
U. Ramamurty
Effect Of State Of Stress On Deformation Mechanisms In The Magnesium Alloy Am30

Bibhudutta Mishra
Aloke Paul
Interdiffusion Study Of Systems Relevant To Microelectronic Industry

Shekhar Tapase
Satyam Suwas & G. S. Avadhani
Processing – Texture Relationship In Magnesium Alloy We 43

Priyadarshi Behera
Subodh Kumar
Development Of Mg-Li Based Alloys With Improved Strength And Ductility

Kumar Navin
Vikram Jayaram
Fabrication And Characterization Of Zirconia Nanotubes On Zirconium Substrage For Thermal Barrier Coating Application (Eb-Pvd) By Chemical Route

Supriyo Ghosh
T. A. Abinandanan
Effect Of Particles On Spinodal Decomposition: A Phase Filed Study

Vinay Patel
T. A. Abinandanan
Computational Thermodynamics Of Point Defects In L12-Ordered Intermetallic Material (g’-Ni3al)


Agepati Srinivasa
Prof. A.H. Chokshi
Mechanical Behavior Of Nickel Microwires

Vishal N Soni
Dr. S. Karthikeyan
“Effect Of Texture On High Strain Rate Deformation Of Ti 6al-4v”.

Avishek Kumar
Dr. Praveen C Ramamurthy
Structure Property Relationship Of Polymers For Organic Electronics

Md Dilkash Azam
Dr. Kaushik Chatterjee
-Caprolactone)-Graphene BasedPoly( Nanocomposite For Bone Tissue Engineering

Poshit Nagmandali
Prof. Satyam Suwas
Orientation, Intrinsic Stresses And Dielectric Properties Of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia And Barium Strontium Titanate

Arnab Mukherjee
Prof. T.A. Abinandanan
Phase Separation In Polymer Blends With Fillers : A Phase Field Study

Sandeep Vura
Dr. Rajeev Ranjan
*Structure And Magnetic Characterization Of (1-X) Bifeo3-(X)
Srtio3 Bulk And Thin Film Ceramics*

Rajesh Kumar Rai
Dr. Chandan Srivastava
Synthesis And Characterization Of Ag-Ni Nanowies

Manvendra Kumar Singh
Prof. Subodh Kumar
“Tensile Properties And Corrosion Behaviour Of Mg-Li-Zn Alloys”.

Tarang Mungole
Dr. Praveen Kumar
A Mechanistic View Behind Development Of Microstructure And Mechanicalbehaviour During High Pressure Torsion On Cast Al-7 % Si Alloys

Sarfaraj Islam
Dr. R. Ravi/Prof. Aloke Paul
“The Phase Evolution In Au(Cu)/Sn System By Solid State Reactive Diffusion And Diffusion Studies In Cu(Ni)/Sn”.

Sahithya Kandalam
Dr.G.S. Avadhani/ Prof.Satyam Suwas
Processing- Microstructure- Property Correlation In We43 Alloy

Bhingardive Viraj Vishnu
Prof. Subramanian/Dr. B.V. Narayana
“Studies On The Recovery Of Uranium, Niobium And Ree From A Lean Grade Ore.”

Madhawan Chandra Wanshi
Prof. K. Chattopadhyay
Development Of Al-Cu-V-Zr Alloy For High Temperature Applications

Suraj Kumar Das
Prof. Vikram Jayaram
Electrolytic Oxidation Of Zirconium To Produce Thick Porous Zirconia Film

Rajesh Kumar Prusty
Prof. U. Ramamurty
Nanoindentation Of Ni-Gyroids


Abhishek Goswami
A.H. Chokshi
Structural And Mechanical Studies On Sea Shells

Amardeep Kumar Burnwal
Subodh Kumar
A Processing Route To Improve The Strength And Ductility Of 2219scmg Aluminium Alloy

Anupam Mishra
Kaushik Chatterjee
Polycaprolactone/Organoclay Nanocomposites: Mechanical

Binay Kumar Deb Barman
Praveen Kumar
Mechanical Behaviour Of Bi-Cu Alloy: A Two-Phase Material Suited For Thermal Surge And Energy Storage Applications

Chandan Kumar
K. Chattopadhyay
Synthesis And Phase Transformation Behavior Of Materials At Nano Scale

Gangineni Pavan Kumar
Praveen C Ramamurthy
Current Soaking Studies Of Organic Electronic Devices

Kadambi Sourabh Bhagwan
Ramamurty U
Indentation Studies On Tilted Copper Samples And Ni-Ti Shape Memory Alloys

Kashiwar Ankush Arun
Dipankar Banerjee
3d Microstructural Characterization In Some Alloys Using Serial Sectioning Techniques

Muhammad Arif
Govind S Gupta
Mathematical Modelling Of Iron Ore Sintering Process

Mahander Pratap Singh
Chandan Srivastava
Electrodeposition And Characterization Of Nanowires: Ag, Ag-Co, Ag-Fe, Ag-Co-Ni, Ag-Ni-Fe And Ag-Nio Nanowires

Pattabhi Ramaiah Kola
Suryasarathi Bose
Emi Shielding In Pc/San Blends With Mwnts And Dopamine Decorated Fe3o4 Nanoparticles

Pusuluri Srimannarayana
Karthikeyan S
Phase Field Modelling Of Suzuki Strengthening In Pseudo-Binary Ni3(Al,Ti) System

Shyamal Nayak
Subramanian S
Studies On The Recovery Of Uranium, Niobium And Rare Earth Elements From A Lean Grade Ore

Subrata Panda
Avadhani Gs / Satyam Suwas
Microstructure, Texture And Mechanical Properties In Metastable Beta Titanium Alloy (Ti-5553)

Sudipta Pramanik
Satyam Suwas
Development Of Low Density Steels And Their Processing-Texture-Property Relationship

Sukriti Manna
T.A Abinandanan
Stress Effects On Composition Profile Of Ordered Precipitates: A Phase Field Study

Tanaji Paul
Aloke Paul
Interdiffusion Studies In Ni-Zr And Mcraly – Cmsx4 Systems

Senthil Kumar Nadar
Ashok M Raichur
Control Of Size, Shape And Crystallographic Phase Of Calcium Carbonate Particles


Akash Ashis Bhattacharjee
Abhik N Choudhury
Phase Field Modelling Of Mode Iii Dynamic Fracture

Arunima Banerjee
Dipankar Banerjee
Deformation And Analysis Of Slip In Ti-6al-2sn-4zr-2mo-0.1si And Ti-6al-2sn-4zr-6mo

Manoj Kumar Yadav
Atul H. Chokshi
High Temperature Deformation Behavior Of Lutetium Doped Alumina

Nikki Ramesh Kamble
G.S. Avadhani & Satyam Suwas
Hot Deformation Processing Of Magnesium Alloys, Am30 And Am50

Pund Tushar Shivaji
Satyam Suwas
Processing-Microstructure-Property Correlation In Low Density Steels, Aisi 1040 Steel And Pearlitic Steel

Pushpendra Singh
Subodh Kumar
Development Of Wrought Mg-Sn-Zn Alloys With Improved Strength And Ductility

Rishi Ramdas Shivhare
Praveen C Ramamurthy
“Comparative Analysis Of Ageing Induced Performance Degradation Between P-I-N And N-I-P Structured Organic Solar Cells”

Rohit Berlia
Chandan Srivastava
Synthesis And Characterization Of Isolated Nano-Solids And Nano –Structured Coatings

Sawant Amitkumar Shripati
K. Chattopadhyay
Effect Of Alloying Additions On Newly Developed Tungsten Free Cobalt Based Superalloy

Shankha Nag
U. Ramamurty
Micromechanics And Deformation Behaviour Of Amorphous Systems

Shobhit Pratap Singh
Praveen Kumar
Creep Behavior Of Lif Single Crystal And Cu-Bi Alloy

Subodh Nath Patel
Vikram Jayaram
Controlled Growth Of Thick And Porous Anodic Zro2 Coatings At Low Temperature

Surya Vanamali
Ashok M. Raichur
Arginine Functionalized Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles As Intravenous Delivery System To Target Intracellular Salmonella Infection

Urbi Pal
Aloke Paul
Effect Of Al And Cr On The Interdiffusion Between Β-(Fe,Ni)Cral Bond Coats And P91 Steel & Ni-Based Cmsx-4 Superalloy

Abhijeet Nandkishor Kalaskar
Rajeev Ranjan
Effect Of Poling On Dielectric Properties And Photoluminescence Spectrum Of Europium Doped Na0.5bi0.5tio3 And 0.94na0.5bi0.5tio3-0.06batio3


Pramod Kumar Sharma
T.A Abinandanan
“A Phase-Field Model For Simulating Pitting Corrosion

Supriyo Chakraborty
Abhik N Chowdhury
“Phase Field Study Of The Electric Current Induced Void Evolution And Grain-Boundary Grooving”.

Indrani Biswas
S. Karthikeyan
“Design And Experimental Validation Of A Novel Ultra High Strength Steel For Landing Gear Applications”.

Bawane Kaustubh Krishna
Dipankar Banerjee
“Microstructural Evolution And Tensile Properties Of Direct Metal Laser Sintered (Dmls) Cocrmo And Direct Metal Laser Deposited (Dmld)Fsx-414 Cobalt Based Superalloys”

Patil Chaitali Shridhar
K. Chattopadhyay
Study Of Precipitation Hardened Niobium-Silicon – Aluminium Alloys

Rakesh R. Kamath
A.H. Chokshi
“Size-Effect Study On Mechanical Behaviour Of Niobium Micro-Wires”

Antareep Sharma
Kaushik Chatterjee
“Preparation And Characterization Of A Multifunctional Bioactive Surface On Titanium For Orthopedic Applications”

Anwesha Kanjilal
Praveen Kumar
“Mechanical Reliability Of Pb-Free Solders And Solder Joints”

Rahul G. R.
Vikram Jayaram
“Dependence Of Crack Velocity On Stress Intensity Factor In Pmma Using Single Edge Notched Clamped Beams”.

Prachi Pragnya
Vijay Seethuraman
“Study Of Aluminium As A Potential Negative Electrode For Lithium Ion Batteries”.

Urvashi Bothra
Praveen C Ramamurthy
“Fabrication Of Organic Solar Cells On Flexible Glass”

Abhishek Agarwal
Rajeev Ranajan
“Effect Of Poling On Photoluminescence, Structural And Electrical Properties Of Erbium Doped Na0.5bi0.5tio3 And 0.94na0.5bi0.5tio3-0.06batio3”.

Bachu Saiphaneendra
Chandan Srivastava
“Synthesis And Characterization Of Graphene – Nanoparticle Composites For Environmental And Catalytic Applications”

Subhash Kumar
Satyam Suwas
“Study Of Texture And Microstructure Evolution During High Temperature – High Strain Rate Deformation Of Hcp Materials”

Awadh Kishor Gupta
Satyam Suwas / G.S. Avadhani
“Effect Of Alloying Addition On Interlamellar Spacing In Pearlitic Grade Steel”


Ajaya Pratap Jena
Abhik N. Choudhury
“Influence Of Interface Diffusion On Pearlite Growth: A Phase-Field Study”

Ankita Dashrath Maske
K. Chattopadhyay
“Inkjet Printing Of Germanium Film Via Nanoparticle Ink Formations

Ankush Raina
Govind S. Gupta
“Experimental Study Of Three Phase Flow In A Moving Bed With Lateral Gas Injection”

Anshu Shankar Prasad
Aloke Paul
“Effect Of Ti Addition On Tungsten Free Γ- Γ’ Co Based Superalloys”

Priyanshi Agrawal
Atul H. Chokshi
“Mechanical Properties Of Electrodeposited Nanocrystalline Ni”

Himanshu Singh
Satyam Suwas
“Severe Plastic Deformation Of Al-Li-Cu Alloys By Accumulative Roll Bonding (Arb)”

Mangesh Vyankat Pantawane
R. Ravi
“Study On Effect Of Chromium Addition On Tungsten-Free Cobalt Based Superalloy”

Gollapalli Prince
M.K. Surapp
“Microstructure, Mechanical, And Damping Properties Of Magnesium Alloy(Az91)/Sicp/Fly Ash Hybrid Composite”

Mridul Pant
M.K. Surappa
“Wear Studies On Az91-3%Sicp-3%Fly Ash Magnesium Hybrid Composites”

Anuj Dash
Chandan Srivastava
“Heat Treatment And Hot Deformation Behaviour Of Nano Precipitate Strengthened Steels”

Sarbajit Manna
Rajeev Ranjan
“Photoluminescence Behavior Study Of Bismuth Ferrite-Lead Titanate Rare Earth Eu3+Er3+ Doped System With Particle Size Reduction”

Bhavya Tulasi Aleti
Kaushik Chatterjee
“Surface Nanocrystallization Of Cp- Titanium By Smat To Enhance The Corrosion- Fatigue Resistance And Biological Response For Orthopedic Applications”

Mir Ishfaq
S. Subramanian
“Bioleaching Of Chalcopyrite Ore By Using Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans”

Pakhare Akshay Shailendra
Vijay Sethuraman
“Electrochemical Hysteresis In Sno2 Electrode For Lithium Ion Batteries”

Basavaraj P. Kalinganavar
G. S. Avadhani
“The Effect Of Alloying Additions And Heat-Treatment On The Mechanical Properties Of Nano-Pearlitic Steel And Optimization Of Hot Workability By Developing A Processing Map”

Shubham Netam
Chandan Srivastava
“Morphology ,Microstructure And Electrochemical Corrosion Behaviour Of Zn And Zn-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Coatings Electrodeposited On Mild Steel”

Sneha Pandurang Patil
Suryasarathi Bose
“Development Of Efficient Emi Shielding Material Using Pvdf, Alloyed Nanoparticles And Carbon Nanotubes”

Harish Kumar S.
Ashok M. Raichur
“Improving The Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Epoxy Nanocomposites Using Graphene Oxide (Go)”

Soudip Basu
Praveen Kumar
“A Critical Examination Of Mechanical And Actuation Behavior Of Carbon Nanotube And Reduced Graphene Oxide Foams Under electric Fields”

Saurabh Kesarwani
S. Karthikeyan
“Constitutive Equations For Plasticity And Fracture Inductile Metals Under High Strain Rates”

Soham Chattopadhyay
Rajeev Ranjan
“Ab-Initio Investigation Of Van Der Waals Heterostructures Of Polar Sc2co2 Mxene With Mose2 And Wse2 Transition Metal Dichalcogenides”

Rathod Hemant Janardhan
U. Ramamurt
“Mechanical And Tribological Properties Of Selective Laser Melted Alloy”

Abhijeet Nayak
T.A. Abinandanan
“Effect Of Finite Precipitate Volume Fraction On The Coarsening Behavior : A Phase Field Study”

Ayyaluru Tulasi Shashidhar Reddy
Praveen C. Ramamurthy
“Silicon Hybrid Molecular Electronic Devices Based on Porphyrin”


Faizan Hijazi
Praveen Kumar
“Bending Creep: Experimental Investigation of Creep in Beams Under Flexure”

Priyanjali Markam
A.H. Chokshi
“Creep Behaviour In Concentrated Solid Solution of Ni-Co Alloy”.

Sanket Kurli
Vikram Jayaram
“Creep Studies Of Lead By Indentation”

Manaswini Chinara
Dipankar Banerjee
“Structure, Plasticity and Strength 0f Ti-5553 Alloy

Chandan Kumar
T.A. Abinandanan
“Phase Field Study Of Precipitate Coarsening In Ternary Alloys.

Vaskuri Chandra Sekhara Theja
Satyam Suwas &G.S. Avadhani
“Mechanical Behavior 0f Medium Mn-Twip Steels for Automotive Applications”

Pramod Kumar Singh
Satyam Suwas
“The Effect Of Alloying Addition On The Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Of Ferritic-Pearlitic Steels And The Study Of Hot Deformation Behavior”

Yogesh Kumar Bhandari
S. Subramanian
“Beneficiation Of Chromite Ore By Flotation Studies”

Natasha Prasad
G.S. Avadhani
“Deformation And Recrystallization Behaviour Of High Entropy Alloy.”

Kola Immanuel Raju
Kaushik Chatterjee
“Characterisation Of 3d Printed 316l Stainless Steel For Biomedical Applicatins”

Chavan Prasad M
Chandan Srivastava
“Towards The Synthesis Of Graphene Foams By Powder Metallurgical Route”

Jagadeshvaran P L
Suryasarathi Bose
“Effects Of Graphene Oxide On Miscibility And Morphology Evolution Of Polymer Blends With Weak Dynamic Asymmetry”.

Sandeep Kumar Mondal
Subho Dasgupta
“Effect Of Crystallite Size And Spatial Homogeneity On Channel Length Sensitivity Of Printed Oxide Thin Film Transistors”

Sunil Kumar Behera
Subho Dasgupta
“Inkjet Printed Amorphous Indium – Zinc – Oxide / Silver Hybrid Channel Thin Film Transistors ”

Daidi Surya Teja
S. Karthikeyan
“High Strain Rate Plasticity And Damage Model Parameters For A Cast Austenitic Stainless Steel”

Om Puri Gosain
K. Chattopadhyay
“Optimization Of Chromium And Titanium Content In Tungsten-Free Γ’- Strengthened Cobalt Based Superalloys For Thermo-Physico-Mechanical And Oxidation Properties”.

Shasanka Sekhar Behera
Suryasarathi Bose
“Hybrid Grapheme Oxide Membranes “Interlocked” With Grapheme Oxide Quantum Dots For Effective Water Remediation”