Graduates ME 2000-09


M. Panvekar Vivek
(A.M. Raichur)
Arsenic removal from drinking water using rare earth oxides by adsorption process

Patel Masrur Mubashar
(Subodh Kumar)
Investigation of serrated flow in Al-5% Zn-1%Mg alloy

T.V. Jayaram
(K.S. Raman & S. Seshan)
Production of near net shape castings – through plaster of paris moulds

Nachiketa Shukla
(S. Ranganathan)
Synthesis, crystallisation and mechanical properties of Mg-based amorphous alloys

M. Jyoti Basu
(A.M. Raichur)
Removal of fluoride from solution by adsorption

J. Srikanth
(K.A. Natarajan)
Studies on bioprocessing of titania using bacillus polymyxa

L. Satyavathi
(D.H. Sastry)
Studies on the creep behaviour of powder processed Fe-40 at. % Al alloys

Sabita Sarkar
(G.S. Gupta)
Conjugate mass transfer around a spherical particle in unsteady state condition

Subhradeep Chatterjee
(T.A. Abinandanan)
A diffuse interface model simulation of grain boundary grooving

Suman Kumar Mitra
(K. Chattopadhyay)
(Investigation on the synthesis of bulk metallic glass in Zr-Ti-Cu-Ni-Al based alloy system

Krishanu Biswas
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Development of quasicrystalline coating of Al-Cu-Fe system by laser cladding and detonation gum process

Sanjit Bhowmick
(A.H. Chokshi)
High temperature deformation of fine grained equal channel angular extrusion processed 2124 Al alloy

Anasua Maiti
Effect of hygrothermal aging on the compressive strength and fractography of glass-epoxy composite

Debdutt Patro
(V. Jayaram)
Phase evolution studies in ZnO-Al2O3 as synthesised by spray pyrolysis and by citrate-gel routes

S.S.V. Ravikumar
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Modelling of nucleation

Rajendra Prasad Biswal
(S. Subramanian & A.K. Lahiri)
Novel studies on joining of aluminium and steel using the electroslag technique

Debajyoti Nayak
Study of hygrothermal absorption and compression strength in glass-epoxy composite

Indrajit Charit
(A.H. Chokshi)
High temperature deformation characteristics of a low purity 3 mol% yttria Stabilized zirconia

Samaresh Changdar
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Influence of spray forming on the wear behaviour of hypereutictic Al-20%Si alloys

P. Rajani
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Effect of processing parameters on ring rolling of Ti-6Al-4V

Sandeep Kumar Vishwakarma
(G.S. Gupta)
Transient modelling and computer simulation of multiple hearth roaster

H. Sanjay
(M.V. Bhat)
Studies on corrosion of nodular cast iron in aqueous sodium chloride solution

Sarmistha Samanta
(Subodh Kumar)
Manufacturing of functionally gradient material in an Al-5Zn-1Mg alloy specimen

Chandan Mondal
(M.K. Surappa)
Studies on microstructural evolution and recrystallization behavior of Al-10Mg/SiCp composite by EBSP technique

Ajitesh Narayan
(K.S. Raman & S. Seshan)
Studies on squeeze cast magnesium alloys

Nirmal Kumar
(A.K. Lahiri)
Partitioning of heat for gas solid reaction

Samrat Choudhury
(V. Jayaram)
High-pressure low-temperature densification behaviour of amorphous Al2O3-37.5 mole% Y2O3

Partha Patra
(K.A. Natarajan)
Studies on bioprocessing of zirconia

Niroj Kumar Dash
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Development of protective surface coating produced by thermal spray and slurry coating processes

Chhail Kumar Behera
(K.T. Jacob)
Activities of spinel components in the pre-reduced chrome ore : Modelling and experiment

G. Sunil Kumar
(S. Subramanian & A.K. Lahiri)
Studies on development of plain carbon steel-alloy bimetallic joints by electroslag remelting process

K. Venkatasai Prasad
(D.H. Sastry)
Studies on peripheral grain growth in extruded 2014 Al alloy

Sachin P Deshmukh
(S. Ranganathan)
Oxidation studies of MoSi2 composites

Yogeshwari Prasad Pandy
(A.K. Lahiri)
Simulation of fluidized bed in corex process

Pande Aniruddha Suresh
(M.K. Surappa)
Dry sliding wear study of Al-Si-SiCp composites against automobile brake pad


Lakshya Kumar
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Failure Analysis of valve springs

Manas Ranjan Nayak
(A.K. Lahiri)
Studies on blast furnace hearth drainage and mixing characteristics inside a packed bed

Sthitadhi Das
Effect of absorption in water and NaCl media on the compressive strength of jute fibre reinforced epoxy system

Pritish Bhattacharya
(T.A. Abinandanan)
A fourier spectral method of studying spinodal decomposition

Rajiv Ranjan Bhardwaj
(Subodh Kumar)
To study the effect of plate thickness and crack orientation on fracture toughness behaviour of 7010-T6 aluminum alloy

Suchismita Sanyal
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Microstructural development in laser cladding and remelting of Al-Si-Bi
on Al-Si substrate

Shivkumar Khaple
(S. Subramanian)
Life cycle assessment of lead in a secondary lead smelting plant

Kaushik Roy
(S. Ranganathan)
Synthesis, crystallisation and characterisation of Mg-TM-RE metastable alloys

Parveen Sood
(K.T. Jacob)
Thermodynamics of undoped rare earth manganates for CMR applications


Amitabh Kumar
(S. Subramanian)
Studies on production of FeAl by electroslag remelting process

Atish Kumar Ray
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Studies on undercooling of copper-phosphorous binary alloy

Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty
(T.A. Abinandanan)
A diffuse interface model study of spinodal decomposition inside a particle

Subhash S. Mahajan
Compression and short beam test on dry and water exposed surface treated ash particulate in epoxy composites

Ranjan Datta
(S. Ranganathan)
Synthesis, crystallisation and microstructural evolution of iron based metallic glasses

Arijit Maitra
(A.K. Lahiri)
Mathematical modeling of blast furnace hearth drainage

Y. Sriramulu
(Subodh Kumar)
Effect of thickness and width on fracture toughness of 7010-T6 aluminium alloy

Neelapu Ravi Kumar
(U. Ramamurty)
Mechanical characterisation on Mg/SiC composites

Sudheer Kumar Puvvula
(U. Ramamurty)
Projectile velocity dependent energy adsorption characteristics of a closed-cell aluminum foam


Swati Biswas
(M.K. Surappa)
Studies on driven systems : The case of Cu-Ag and Cu-Ag-Fe

B. Shyam Sundar
(A.H. Chokshi)
Hot working of as-cast dilute magnesium alloys Mg-2.2 Al-0.5Mn and Mg-2.3 Al-1.06 Zn-0.5Mn

Ashok Kumar Mondal
(J.P. Hajra)
Thermodynamics and phase equilibria in the selected quaternary III-V semiconductor alloys

Niraj Nayan
(U. Ramamurty)
Mechanical fatigue in Ni-Ti shape memory alloys

Shivajiv Sinha
(Subodh Kumar)
Effect of thickness, crack orientation and heat treatment on fracture toughness of 7010 aluminium alloy

Virendra Singh
(D.H. Sastry)
Effect of niobium and titanium on the creep behaviour of Fe3Al

M.C. Kumaran
(U. Ramamurty)
Energy absorption characteristics of aluminium foam during conical indentation

Bontha Kiran Kumar
Dependence of impact properties on the bond area at the interface of neat epoxy slabs

Somnath Bhattacharyya
(G.S. Gupta)
Measurement of liquid hold-up in presence of gas flow in a packed bed

Sanjay Agarwal
(A.K. Lahiri)
Effect of ball milling on reduction of iron ore using coal

Sandip P Harimkar
Response to impact in epoxy systems containing short fibers and/or oxide particle reinforcements

Naba Kishore Kalo
(V. Jayaram)
High-pressure low-temperature densification behaviour of amorphous Al2O3-20%ZrO2

Bakshi Srinivasa Rao
(S. Ranganathan)
Crystallization kinetics, thermal stability and microstructural evolution of Fe-Co based metallic glasses

Prachi Galgalikar
(M.K. Surappa)
Investigation of serrated flow in Al-7Mg-20% SiCp composite

Nitin P Wasekar
(S. Subramanian)
Effect of processing route on impact toughness and tensile strength of B2 FeAl intermetallics

Mrigandra Singhai
(A.M. Raichur)
Removal of Arsenic from synthetic waste water using fly ash and optimization of parameters using statistical analysis

Randhir Singh
(K.T. Jacob)
A study on mass/charge transport in mixed conducting solid oxide fuel cell


Bhesetti Siva Suri Chandra Rao
(Subodh Kumar)
Creep and wear behaviour of AE42 alloy and AE42+20% saffil composite

M. Suresh Kumar
Mechanical behaviour of polymeric systems with varying adhesively bonded area

M.J.N.V. Prasad
(A.H. Chokshi)
Work hardening and rate sensitivity of copper at room temperature as a function of grain size

S. Vijay Karthik
(V. Jayaram)
Preparation and characterization of lead zirconate titanate (PZT) films by flame spray pyrolysis

Kulbhashkar Singh
(M.K. Surappa)
Processing and characterization of magnesium alloy (AZ91) – fly ash composite

Korimilli Eswara Prasad
(A.K. Lahiri)
Simulation of cooling rate in Al-Mg alloys and structure – property correlations

Tanay Ray
(J.P. Hajra)
Thermodynamics and adsorption behaviour of the nano phases in the Bi-Sn system

Prashant Kumar Kulshreshtha
Hygrothermal and post-impact effects on mechanical properties of glass-reinforced epoxies

M. Prakash Kini
(V. Jayaram)
Processing of Al2O3 – ZrO2 – SiC nanocomposites by pressure aided densification of bulk amorphous compacts

G. Srikant
(U. Ramamurty)
Strain distribution underneath a Vickers indenter

Sushil Kumar Giri
(U. Ramamurty)
Fatigue in Ni-Ti-Fe shape memory alloys

P. Prakash
(A.M. Raichur)
Synthesis and characterization of nickel oxide nanoparticles through microemulsion technique

Abhijit Pramanik
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Microstructural evolution in laser surface alloyed Al-Sn

M. Kodandaram
(T.A. Abinandanan)
Effect of anisotropy in interfacial energy on microstructural evolution during spinodal decomposition

E. Venugopala Rao
(A.H. Chokshi)
Hot deformation characteristics of extruded magnesium AM20 alloy

Rowthu Veera Babu
(S. Subramanian)
Processing of aluminium – titanium alloys and aluminium – based metal matrix composites by electroslag refining.


Amitesh Madeshia
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Glassy phase embedded in crystalline matrix

Gaurav Singh
(T.A. Abinandanan)
A phase field model of thermal grooving of grain boundary

Pradeep Kumar Kraleti
(V. Jayaram)
Contact fatigue behaviour of TiN films by indentation technique

Yashvant Singh
(S. Subramanian)
Surface chemical studies on graphite suspension in aqueous media using different dispersants

Shakti Pravesh
(S. Subramanian)
Removal of iron from clay using chemical leaching and bioleaching techniques

Manish Gopal
(G.S. Gupta)
Mathematical modeling of Acheson process

Lav Maheshwari
(U. Ramamurty)
Micromechanisms of deformation and fracture in Ti-B composites

Manish Patel
(S. Ranganthan & Subodh Kumar)
Correlation of microstructures and mechanical properties of sand-cast Mg97Zn2Y1 alloy and squeeze-cast AE42 alloy

Santosh Kumar Meghani
(V. Jayaram)
Synthesis of titanium oxide films by flame spray pyrolysis and their characterization

Yathapu Nithin
(M.K. Surappa)
Characterization of nano-size platelet/fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites

Vikas Kumar Sinha
(A.K. Lahiri)
Studies on bubble formed by liquid-liquid reaction

Amit Kiran
Studies on the erosive behaviour of syntactic foam

Kanhaiya Kumar
(M.K. Surappa)
Processing of bulk nanocrystalline materials by conventional deformation processes


Manoranjan Mishra
(M.K. Surappa)
Processing of bulk nanostructured materials in 6061-T6 and Al-5%Mg alloy

Ashwani Kumar
(K.T. Jacob)
Re-evaluation of thermodynamic properties of manganese oxides : MnO, Mn3O4, Mn2O3 and MnO2

Nilesh Kumar
(T.A. Abinandanan)
A study of the Kirkendall effect by phase field method

Sugeetha V
(V. Jayaram)
A study of contact indentation fatigue damage of TiN thin film on stainless steel substrate

Santosh Kumar
(S. Subramanian)
Synthesis of aluminium silicon carbide and aluminium boron carbide composites by electroslag refining process

Chukka Rami Naidu
(G.S. Gupta)
Characterization of boron carbide produced by carbothermal route

Debdutta Roy
Fatigue in Ni-Ti shape memory alloy wires

Pradeep Agarwal
(Subodh Kumar)
Impression creep study of newly developed magnesium alloys “MRI 230D” and MRI 153M”

Kailash Chandra Jajam
Studies on scanning electron microscopic features of impacted and post-impact compression-failed glass/epoxy composites

Lokesh Kumar Paliwal
(S. Ranganathan/Satyam Suwas)
Reconstruction of 3D microstructures using Montage based serial sectioning technique in A356 and A356 with 20% SiC

Suravarapu Prakasha Rao
(A.M. Raichur)
Dispersion studies of nano zirconia

Hari Srinivas Goripati
Deposition of 8mol% yttria stabilized zirconia by combustion flame pyrolysis and its thermal fatigue study

Ratnabhupala Reddy P
(K. Chattopadhyay)
Studies on melting temperature depression for Sn-Ag-Cu and Sn-Zn solder alloys by mechanical alloying/milling

Rajesh K
(A.H. Chokshi)
Creep and grain boundary sliding studies on coarse grained AZ31 Mg alloy

N.V.V. Ramana Murthy Kolluri
Strain hardening and fatigue in metal foams: The effect of constraint

M. Rama Krishna
(Subodh Kumar)
Fatigue crack propagation along microstructural gradient in AlZnMgCu alloy


Appala Naidu G
(Abinandanan T A)
Microstructure Evolution during Sintering: A Phase Field Study

Kaushik Das
(Ramamurthy U)
Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Li2B4O7-Bi2O3-Nb2O5 Glass-Ceramics by Instrumented Indentation

Krishna Reddy Jonnala
(Satytam Suwas)
Processing-Texture-Property Correlation in Materials Processed by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE)

Manas Kumar Mondal
(Govind S Gupta)
Computer Simulation of RH and REDA Processes Used for the Production of Ultra-Low-Carbon Steel

Manohar N
(Surappa M K)
Grain Refinement and Process ing of Magnesium and Al-10% Mg Alloy Chips in Bulk Form by Conventional Deformation Processes

Niranjan Behera
(Subramanian S)
Synthesis of Aluminum Titanium diboride composite through Electroslag Refining Process

Poorwa Bhagwat
(Vikram Jayaram)
Study of Fatigue of TiN Coating on Stainless Steel by Four Point Bending

Pradipta Ghosh
(Chokshi A H)
Room Temperature Mechanical Behavior of Electrodeposited Nickel and Nickel-Alumina composite

Praveen Kumar
(Chattopadhyay K)
Development of High Strength Ni-Ti-Ta Ternary Eutectic Alloys

Shishir Jain
(Satyam Suwas & S Ranganathan)
Reconstruction of 3D Microstructures Using Serial Sectioning Techniques: Titanium Alloy and Steel

Sujoy Pal
(Subodh Kumar)
Creep and Wear Behaviour of AE42 Alloy and AE42 Alloy Based Composites

Vinay Jain
(Karthikeyan S)
Atomistic Study of Factors Affecting Planar Fault Energies in Ni3Al


Adepalli Kiran Kumar
(Aloke Paul)
Study on interdiffusion and growth of Nb3Sn superconductor with A15 structure

Ayan Bhowmik
(Satyam Suwas)
Severe Plastic Deformation in Interstitial-free Steels

Badri Narayanan
(Abinandanan T A)
Microstructural Evolution in Alloy Thin Films

Chandrahas R R
(Subramanian S)
Synthesis of Aluminum Wollastonite Composite Through Electro Slag Refining Process

Mithipati Siva Bhaskar
(Surappa M K)
Recovery and Recrystallization Behaviour of AA356/SiCp Composites

Modhura Biswas
(Ashok M Raichur)
Colloidal Stability of Nano Zirconia in the presence of Dispersants

Mrityunjoy Hazra
(Subodh Kumar)
Corrosion and Wear Studies of ACM 810 alloy and Interrupted Creep Behavior of Heat-Resistant Mg-Alloys ACM 810, ACM 720 and AZ 91D

Naveen Kumar
(Govind S Gupta)
Optimization of Boron Carbide manufacturing Process by a Carbothermal Route

Ram Prabhu T
(Ramamurty U)
(i) Mechanical properties of P/M processed low alloy steel
(ii) To develop process and characterization low density cenosphere filled steel (Cellular steel)

Srinivas V
(Chokshi A H)
A Study on Strength Dependence of Individual Phases on the Onset of Superplasticity in Al-Cu Eutectic Alloy

Sumanth G
(Vikram Jayaram)
Contact Deformation in TiN/(Al, Ti)N Multilayer films on Stainless Steel Substrate

Udayagiri Sai Babu
(Karthikeyan S)
Effect of Boron addition on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of CastTi-6Al-4V Alloy

Vijay Pal Shivran
(Chattopadhyay K)
Synthesis, Characterization and Mechanical Testing of (AlGaIn)30(CoCuNiAg.5)40(SnPbSbBi)20(TiV)10 High Entropy Alloy


Appa Rao Chintha
(T A Abinandanan)
Grain Growth with Different Types of Grain Boundaries A : Monte Carlo Study

Ambresha B
(Ashok M Raichur)
Studies on Colloidal Stability of Hematite in the Presence of Biosurfactant

Ashutosh Jangde
(M K Surappa)
Synthesis and Recrystallization Study of AA5182/Al2O3 nanocomposite

K. Ajay Kumar
(Rajeev Ranjan)
Synthesis and Characterization of (BiA103)x-(PbTiO3)(1-x) and Pb(1-x)PrxTiO

K. Boopathy
(Ramamurty U)
Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in BMG Matrix Composites and Effect of Ion Implantation on Mechanical Behavior of as Cast BMG

Ganesh Kumar K
(S Subramanian)
Electro co – deposition of nickel – nano Al2o3 composite coatings on aluminum and study of their wear properties

Kundanati Lakshminath
(Subodh Kumar)
Characterization of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation coatings on AM50 magnesium alloy based on phosphate electrolyte

Nachiappan Chidambaram
(Vikram Jayaram)
Effect of non-stoichiometry on the densification behavior of reactively processed ZrC and its composite

Maya Kini K
(A.H. Chokshi)
High temperature deformation behaviour of titania doped 3 mol% yattria stabilized tetragonal zirconia

Subhasis Sinha
(Satyam Suwas)
Grain Boundary Engineering of Modified Super – 304H Austenitic Steel

Somasurendra Kumar Balam
(Aloke Paul)
Interdiffusion studies in Co-Nb and Fe-Nb systems

Vetrivendan. E
(K Chattopadhyay)
Microstructure and Mechanical properties correlation study of rapidly solidified Zn-Al-Cu and Al-Cu-Si ternary eutectic alloys.

K.V. Vamsi
(Karthikeyan S)
Stability of Ni3(Al,Ti) in Ordered Structures