Graduates ME 1980-89


R. Raghavendra
(M.R. Seshadri)
Structure and property correlation in pearlitic malleable iron casting


Subodh Kumar
(M. Mohan Rao)
Effect of microalloying on casting characteristics and mechanical properties of Al bronzes

Sharad Prakash
(M. Mohan Rao & M.N. Srinivasan)
Effect of carbon, silicon and innoculants on the chilling characteristics of Ni-resist irons

Animesh Jha
(K.P. Abraham)
Studies on the removal of phosphorous from cast iron and ferro-chrome by electroslag remelting using Ca-CaF2 slag

Radhakrishna Upadhya
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad & K.S.S. Murthy)
Fracture toughness studies on Al-4.5 Cu alloy

S.T. Badgujar
(E.S. Dwarakadasa and Kishore)
Influence of Ti on the age hardening behaviour of Al-6Zn-.01 a Be alloy – effect of thermal and thermo mechanical treatments on the microstructure, mechanical properties and fatigue

Anil Kumar Gupta
(K.S. Raman and K.S.S. Murthy)
Effect of iron and room temperature ageing on the hardness of LM 25 alloy

M.B. Lele
(R.M. Mallya )
Reduction of ammonium para tungstate and ammonium molybdate by hydrogen

A. Rama Rao
(G.N.K. Iyengar & M.N. Srinivasan)
Study of inmold inoculation of grey cast iron

T.V. Venkateswaran
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
A study of distribution of graphite in aluminium graphite composites

S.R. Balasubramanian
(A.K. Lahiri)
Calorizing of mild steel

N.B. Jamakhandi
(D.H. Sastry)
Effect of tin on the properties of high silicon S.G. iron


K.G. Anand
Studies on the effect of heat input and temperature on impact strength of microalloyed steel

K. Balakrishna Rao
(M. Mohan Rao & K.S.S. Murthy (ME))
Studies on the influence of some melting parameters in high strength grey iron

A.K. Basu
(A.K. Lahiri)
Analysis of the rotary kiln process for sponge iron manufacture

T. Chandrasekharan –
(S. Ranganathan & Y.R. Mahajan (HAL))
Studies on strength and tough ness of 30 kH GSA steel

S. Gowri
(S. Ranganathan & M. Mohan Rao )
Crystallization behaviour of Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 (METGLAS 2826 MB)

R. Mohan
Studies on jute-glass hybrid fibre composites

M.S. Gopalakrishnan
(M.R. Seshadri & K.S. Raman)
Welding of Malleable iron

N. Raghunathan
(A.K. Lahiri)
Temperature simulation and thermal stresses in rolling mill

G. Venkatanarayana
(M.N. Srinivasan & M. Mohan Rao )
Inocculation of niresist(TYPE-I) influence on structure and mechanical properties


Abraham Koshie
(J.P. Hajra)
Thermodynamic measurements in alloys using fluoride electrolyte

B.P. Mohanty
(G.N.K. Iyengar & J.P. Hajra)
Studies on electroslag refining of commercial aluminium

Jagadeesha Acharya –
(K.S. Raman)
Study of the effect of restraint intensity on weld cracking using ERC test

G. Madhusudhan
(K.S. Raman & M.R. Seshadri)
Use of eddy current test technique to determine the mechanical properties of gray cast iron

V.S.R. Murthy
(Kishore & S. Seshan)
Compacted graphite cast iron – a study on properties

K.R. James Victor Raj
(M.N. Srinivasan & Kishore)
Study on in-mould spheroidisation of spheroidal graphite cast iron

A. Rajadurai
(S. Ranganathan)
Effect of microstructure and strain rate on tensile behaviour of Ti-6242S alloy

E. Ramadasan
(S. Ranganathan & K. Chattopadhyay )
Active eutectoid decomposition in a hypoeutectoid Zr-Ni alloy

S. Ramani
(A.K. Lahiri & M. Mohan Rao)
A cold modelling study on the mixing time and oxygen partition in LD convertor

V. Sampath
(D.H. Sastry)
Electroslag refining of aluminium alloy RR 58 and studies on impression creep and other mechanical properties

K. Sampath
(M.N. Srinivasan & M. Mohan Rao)
Nihard – micro alloying

M.C. Shaji
(K.I. Vasu)
Aluminium alloys as sacrificial anodes for galvanic protection of steel

C. Shiva Kumar
(D.H. Sastry)
Development and properties of electroslag refined RR 58 alloy

C. Subramanian
Wear of aluminium graphite particulate composites

K. Sujatha
(R.M. Mallya)
Iron nickel as a binder in tungsten carbide hard metal

S. Vasudevan
K. Chattopadhyay & S. Seshan)
Influence of manganese additions on austenitic spheroidal graphite iron


P. Asaithambi
Friction and wear studies on HSLA steel and EGP composites

Lionel S. Amanna
(K.I. Vasu & M.V. Bhat)
Transition from Hall-Petch hardening to superplastic behaviour – a study with Al-6Cu-0.5Zr alloy

N.K. Vaidya
(A.K. Lahiri)
A selected project report on heat transfer in electroslag refining

N. Pitchai
(A.K. Lahiri & U.B. Nayak)
Studies on rheological and surface characteristics on the wet grinding of hematitie

C.G. Sathyanarayana
Effect of microstructure and strain rate on tensile behaviour of VT-9 alloy

S. Srikanth
(J.P. Hajra & K.T. Jacob)
Solvent-solute and solute-solute intraction in a-solid solutions of Cu-As and Ag-As systems – Design of experiment

K. Srinivasan
(S. Ranganathan & K.S. Raman)
Heat treatment of 30 KAGSNA steel and study of mechanical properties

A.O. Surendranathan
(K.I. Vasu)
Transition from Hall-Petch region to superplastic region – Investigations with the Zn-Al eutectoid systems


P. Parameswaran
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Property improvement of IS 7670 aluminium alloy by ESR

G. Kannayiram
Undercooling of eutectic alloys

Kamalesh K Patel
(K.S.S. Murthy & K.S. Raman)
Surface finish of gray cast iron castings

B. Narasimha Rao
(D.H. Sastry & M. Mohan Rao)
Effect of texture and grain size on the mechanical properties of warm worked cadmium – 2.5 Mg alloy

Sanjay Kumar Dhua
A search for a metastable miscibility gap in zinc – indium system

N.K. Mukhopadhyay
Effect of chromium addition on phase transformations in nickel-tungsten alloys

K.S. Ravichandran
(Kishore & E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Effect of thermal treatment on fatigue crack growth behaviour in a 0.22% titanium alloyed chromansil steel

Iyer Subramaniam
(K.S. Raman)
Investigation of shear damage in composites using acoustic emission analysis

R. Sreenivasulu
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Adhesive wear of FCC metals : aluminium, copper and silver

Basudev Mishra
(D.H. Sastry & S. Seshan)
Forging of S.G. Iron


Asish Kumar Sinha
(A.K. Lahiri)
Cold modelling of bottom blown processes

M.V. Ravichandran
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Toughness evaluation of aluminium -4% magnesium-alumina liquid-metallurgy particle composite

Arun Kumar Sharma
Studies on age hardening behaviour of lithium containing aluminium alloys

Rajesh Prasad
(S.Ranganathan & K. Chattopadhyay)
Five-fold symmetry in reciprocal space

G.K. Ramesh Prasad
(D.H. Sastry & S. Seshan)
Studies on forging and welding characteristics of S.G. Iron


P.K. Panigrahi
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Computerised handling and prediction of properties of steels

Abhijit Roy
(K.S. Raman & K.S.S. Murthy)
Effect of cadmium on ageing characteristics of aluminium-7 silicon-0.3 magnesium alloy

R. Venkataraman
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad)
Analytical techniques for strain rate sensitivity evaluation in generating processing maps

G. Srinivasulu
(R.M. Mallya)
Studies on fine silver powder : its preparation and characterisation

K. Sree Kumar
Studies on the early stages of hardening in aluminium-lithium alloys

Manoj Gupta
Quasicrystals in aluminium-lithium-copper system

T.R. Murali
Wear of die steels

Sankha Subhra Sengupta
(K.S. Raman & E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Study on low cycle fatigue behaviour of LA 55 HSLA steel and its weldments

N. Ravichandran
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Effect of 1% aluminium addition on the aging kinetics and mechanical properties of Cu-9Ni-6Sn spinodal alloy

P. Sudhakar Choudary
(D.H. Sastry)
Impression creep on austenitic stainless steel (316 type) weldments


Rajat Kumar Sengupta
(R.M. Mallya)
Mechanical alloying in the Cu-Fe system

Sukhendu Samajdar
Some aspects of fracture in FRP compsotes with HTBN-toughened epoxy matrix

Sandur Ajith Kumar
(E.S. Dwarakadasa)
Ultrathin multilayer metal matrix laminates (Cu/Al, Cu/Cr preparation and properties)

K. Srinivasa Rao
Dry sliding and grinding media wear studies on high chromium white cast iron

T.V.L. Narasimham
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad)
Processing map for copper powder compact

B.S. Murthy
(S.Ranganathan & M. Mohan Rao)
Studies on solid state amorphization by mechanical alloying

Simon Paul
(Y.V.R.K. Prasad)
Design and stress analysis for extrusion die assembly and flow analysis for different die geometries

Kamles Mundra
(A.K. Lahiri)
Bicubic spline smoothing of noisy data in extrusion

Kurup Venugopal
(A.K. Lahiri & K. Chattopadhyay)
Solidification of metals in a flowing melt – a model study


Vijay Balakrishna
Influence of alumina additions on the mechanical properties and fracture features of glass fibre-reinforced expoxy composites

S. Manjini
(S.Ranganathan & G.N.K. Iyengar)
Studies on high Tc YB2Cu3O7-d superconductors – Ag substitution and aging.

Nihar Kanti Nanda
(K.A. Natarajan)
Wear of high chromium cast iron during grinding of Kudremukh iron ore

B. Gopala Krishna
(R.M. Mallya)
Design and construction of vibration ball mills for mechanical alloying and communication

M. Vasudevan
(M.K. Surappa)
Fabrication and evaluation of aluminium matrix composites reinforced with SiC particles

L. Venkata Rama Rao
(M.K. Surappa)
(Preparation and processing of Al-2%, Li-3%, Mg-0.1% Be alloys