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23 June 2017: Farewell Invitation

Respected sir,

As we approach the end of another academic year, the time to bid farewell
to our graduating M.Tech, PhD and UG students has also come. We are
organising a farewell  for our outgoing batch on 23rd of June in the
Lecture theater of Materials engineering department.

We request you to grace this occasion by your benevolent presence.

Tentative schedule:

3:30 PM : Tea/Coffee
4:00 PM : Welcome speech
4:10 PM : Chairman speech
4:15 PM : Speech by faculties
4:25 PM : Speech by students
4:35 PM : Momento distribution
4:45 PM : High Tea

With Regards
1st year,
M.Tech and Phd students,
Department of Materials Engineering

22-31 May 2017: SERB School on Mechanical Testing

The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in association with the Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) of the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, is organising the SERB School on Mechanical Testing at IISc, Bangalore from 22nd to 31st May 2017.

This school will feature lectures by experts on issues related to mechanical testing of materials over a range of length scales – from single to nanocrystals and glasses.

The lectures will have both pedagogical and research orientations. Each talk will focus on areas relevant to the expertise of the speaker. The presentations will allow for coverage of current areas of research, and they will allow sufficient time for discussion. Thus, the workshop will be suitable for researchers and faculty members who are keen on broadening/ deepening their research interests in mechanical behaviour of materials.

Engineering faculty from colleges all over the country, preferably working in the area of mechanical testing can participate. Few seats will be available to research students working in the area of mechanical properties of materials.

Number of participants will be restricted to 25.

Course Content:

Overview of stress, strain and elastic and plastic deformation
Overview of fracture, fatigue, creep and wear
Tensile and compression testing – Theory & lab
Torsion and bending testing – Theory & lab
Hardness and wear testing – Theory & lab
Fracture and fatigue testing – Theory & lab
Creep and impact testing – Theory & lab
Small scale testing – Theory & lab
High strain rate testing – Theory & lab
Data analysis, error analysis, data representation
Overview of hardware, software and hardware-software interface

Core faculty will be selected from top Indian academic institutions and expert scientists from research centers.

Course fee & Accommodation details:
The registration fee for the candidates will be nil. The accommodation will be provided to the participants only in the institute guest houses on the first come first served basis subject to availability.

The deadline for submission of your application is 5th May 2017

Please send a scan copy of the application along with the approval of the head of the department to

Click here to download the application form. Conference flyer can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Coordinators: Prof. Satyam Suwas, Prof. S. Karthikeyan, Prof. Praveen Kumar

For more details, Contact
Ms. Sridevi Madhusudhan
Room No. B-203,
Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore – 560 012
Ph.: +91-80-2293 3245

21 Jan 2017 : Metallurgy Reunion

Following the traditions set by the seniors, the three batches of students of the Metallurgy Department graduated in 1965, 1967 and 1968 are collectively planning a reunion on January 21, 2017. They will be in the Dept. of Materials Engineering. Students and faculty of the Department can take this opportunity to meet with the alumni and share their experiences.

Alumni Day at IISc on 17 December 2016

The Institute is pleased to invite all its alumni back to our beautiful campus to join the Alumni Day Celebrations on Saturday, the 17th of December 2016. This is going to be the first of what is being planned as an annual event.

The individual Departments will put together a program for the morning of these day-long celebrations; the afternoon will feature an Institute-wide event in the Satish Dhawan Auditorium.

This is the first announcement to alert our alumni to mark their calendars, and to include these Celebrations in their Bangalore visit plans. We will come back with more information (and a detailed program) in due course.

We request you to inform your fellow alumni about this event.

And, we look forward to your participation in the Alumni Day Celebrations!

GIAN Course on Basics and Applications of Phase Field Modeling in Materials Science

Basics and Applications of Phase Field Modeling in Materials Science

A GIAN Course

5-9 December 2016
Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science

We are pleased to announce a week long GIAN course on Basics and Applications of Phase Field Modeling in Materials Science to be held in the Indian Institute of Sciece campus during 5-9 December 2016. This is a 1-credit course taught by Prof. Mathis Plapp (Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France), together with a team of instructors drawn from academic institutions and R&D labs in India.

The Course web page has more details.

Sports Day 2016

“Sports day is observed every year at Materials Engineering Department as a event of competitive and participatory games ranging from athletic to indoor sports. It aims to bring together all students and faculty of department on a non routine platform of physical activities.”

Please fill in the form.

Statistics from this poll will be used to finalise events to be held on Sports Day-2016. Last date for submission is 25th August.

Your suggestions are welcome.

We are looking forward for your participation.”


Event Address: IISc Gymkhana
Contact: Ali, 8277059204,
Anupam, 7259895397,
Esaki, 9901883415,
Sneha, 9422031779,

GIAN Course: Process Metallurgy for 2016 and Beyond

Process Metallurgy for 2016 and Beyond

A GIAN Course

6-18 June 2016
Department of Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Science

We are pleased to announce a 2-week long GIAN course on Process Metallurgy for 2016 and Beyond to be held in the Indian Institute of Sciece campus during 6-18 June 2016. This is a 2-credit course taught by Prof. Seshadri Seetharaman (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden), together with a team of instructors drawn from academic institutions and R&D labs in India.

The Course web page has more details.

Seminar Series by Prof. Kannan Krishnan

[Update: Please note the change in the date for the first seminar; it will be held on Tuesday, 12.1.2016]

* * *

Prof. Kannan M. Krishnan (Department of Materials Science & Engineering, and Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, USA) is currently a Brahm Prakash Visiting Chair in our Department (see below for his biosketch). He will deliver a series of three seminars during January 2016:

  1. From materials to medicine: a sp↑n through recent developments in imaging, therapy and diagnostics (Tuesday, 12.1.2016)
  2. Magnetism on the mesoscale: Nanotechnology, Lithography, Information Storage and Logic (Wednesday, 13.1.2016)
  3. Magnetism, microstructure and materials characterization (date to be announced)

All the seminars will be at 3:30 p.m. in the Lecture Theatre of the Department of Materials Engineering. Please see the notices for the individual seminars for their abstracts: Seminar 1, Seminar 2, and Seminar 3).

* * *

Prof. Kannan M. Krishnan

Kannan M. Krishnan obtained his B. Tech (Mech. Eng.) from IIT Kanpur and Ph.D. (Materials Science; Minor in Physics & Mathematics) from UC, Berkeley. After graduation in 1984, he held various scientific and teaching positions at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC, Berkeley, before joining the University of Washington, in 2001, as the Campbell Chair Professor of Materials Sciences & Engineering and Adjunct Professor of Physics. He has held visiting appointments in all six continents including the Hitachi Central Research Laboratory (Japan), Tohoku University, Danish Technical University, University of Sao Paolo, University of Western Australia, University of Alexandria (Egypt), and the Indian Institute of Science.

Prof. Krishnan’s current research focus is broadly on two major, inter-related themes: (i) Bioengineering at the intersection of Magnetism, Materials and Medicine focusing on diagnostics, imaging and therapy, with appropriate translational research and commercialization activities. (ii) Materials Engineering & Condensed Matter Physics with emphasis on nanoscale magnetic and transport (both charge and spin) phenomena in reduced dimensions, including their inter-coupling and structure-property correlations at relevant length scales, to develop paradigms for materials and devices in the context of information (storage, processing and logic) and energy technologies.

Prof. Krishnan is widely recognized for research, teaching, mentoring and entrepreneurship. He has received the TMS/FMD Distinguished Scientist/Engineer Award (2015), IEEE Donald G. Fink Prize (2012), Fulbright Specialist Award (2010), IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturer Award (2009), Guggenheim Fellowship (2004), the Rockefeller Bellagio Fellowship (2008), the Burton Medal (Microscopy Society of America, 1992), JSPS Senior Scientist Fellowship (2002), the College of Engineering Outstanding Educator Award (UW, 2004), an appointment as the Professor-at-large (University of Western Australia, 2006-8) and a nomination as the UW candidate for the AAAS Mentor award (2009). Based on his teaching and scholarship, his comprehensive 820-page single author book, entitled “Fundamentals and Applications of Magnetic Materials”, will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016. He is an elected Member of the Washington State Academy of Science, and Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Physical Society, the Institute of Physics (London) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Materials Science, Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Acta Materialia, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, IEEE Magnetics Letters and Medical Physics. His service activities are extensive and include the UW College of Engineering Promotion and Tenure Council (2001-5), the UW Common Book selection committee (2010), the IEEE Magnetics Society Administrative Committee (2011-3) and the Fetzer Institute Advisory Council on the Engineering Professions (2011-3).

In 2010, along with two former graduate students, he has founded a start-up company, LodeSpin Labs, involved in the development of tailored magnetic carriers for a range of biomedical applications.